Becoming Luminous 2019








Becoming Luminous - A Women’s Spirituality Book Circle

A 6 Month Virtual Circle For Connection & Encouragement

Small Weekly Virtual Sister Circles + Monthly Personal Development Book Discussion

This program is designed to open the door to trusting in ourselves and other women, while communicating our needs, receiving mindful support, and sharing our personal development journey with others of like hearts and minds.

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Fundamentals for Seekers Mastermind 

A 6 Month Journey for an intimate group of Passionate Women

A 6-month journey for a small group of passionate women committed to establishing a healthy and powerful womanhood foundation where wise dreams take root & sprout with courage, fostering a profound legacy like the mighty oak tree she is meant to be.

This Mastermind takes place each year, August-January.

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One on One For the Rising You

 Private Coaching with Erika

Holistic Empowerment Coaching for Brilliant Feminine Leadership

puts you at the center of the cosmos with eyes to see and ears to hear the perfect wisdom that is being displayed in and around you.

Learn to embody your power and grace. Honor your own wisdom-and learn how to use it.

Erika takes only 3- 1:1 clients at a time, year round.

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Your support has changed my life immensely.
I have learned I am worth it, I am loved, and I do deserve joy and happiness.
— Gisel Auguste- Client, Sister, & Grace Embodied

Authentic and Fierce.
— Tiffany Carole- Teacher, Sister, & Feminine Master Healer

Holistic Empowerment for Brilliant Feminine Leadership includes ~



buildIng a personal & Professional FOUNDATION OF




through 1:1 MentorShip, Masterminds, & Sisterhood.


Life Coaching.  I am your biggest cheerleader!  

We gain clarity, uncover your limits, BUT blow past them

with the power of questions, intensions, accountability, and goals, customized to support your amazing gifts!


Moon Medicine.  Using the power of our moon cycles to align

with our feminine body rhythms, called Menstrual Cycle Awareness or MCA,

learning to utilize each phases greatest wisdom and power, we transform our lives with the power of

ancient feminine wisdom and divine timing.


Sisterhood Medicine.  Awakening to our inner sister power,

catalyzing a healing and a

reconnection to the global sisterhood,

remembering how to listen without judgement and respond with compassion.


Empowerment Coaching. This combination of life and spiritual coaching

gives you actionable guidance

for your real life situations, so you can respond from an elevated perspective as issues arise.


Aroma Acu-Point Therapy. A newer, more advanced modality,

this therapy creates deep shifts through a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom

and well-sourced Organic Essential Oils from Snow Lotus Aromatherapy.

Together, they create a dynamic dance of freedom and healing beyond measure.


5 Element Chinese Medicine. These keys allow you to maximize your fulfillment

as a living being in the present moment.

They harmonize your body with the

elements, seasons, and moons, following the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching.


The Women's Wheel of Life.  This tool connects you TO the

larger truth and cycle of your time on earth.

Women like us are sustained by the wisdom we draw from knowing where we are in life.


Archetype Consulting. By working with your spiritual archetypes and contracts,

you’ll receive the flexibility to release old fear based patterns, decisions, and beliefs.


Mother Earth Medicine. Giving our physical bodies

the energetic reconnection to our earth source

allowing great mothers nurturing, protection, empowerment, and initiation.

Automatically offering a healing the Sacred Masculine.


Peruvian Shamanic Healing. These tools allow us to untie karmic and ancestral knots,

which creates an opening into which the universe can flow.

It allows light and blessings to pour into our lifetimes.



Women in all phases of their journey could benefit from this work.
As we change our story, we change the past and the future. This work is so important.
Erika is a powerful healer, in touch with her divine feminine
and willing to be of service to others to do the same.
— Linda Baran- Client, Sister, & Wise Crone Counsel