You’re here because you know you can be a powerful woman who flows through her day, fueled by soul purpose and faith in the Universe.

You want to raise your children and serve your friends with gentle compassion and intuitive advice.

You want to wake up with clear, grateful eyes and love the woman you see in the mirror.

But you’re unsettled and lonely before your feet hit the floor.

Alone in a whirlwind of monkey mind-chatter,  you sprint into yoga, blur through savasana, and rush home negotiating with yourself and with God for just a short break, please, just a glimmer of peace.

You haven’t failed. You aren’t a lost cause.

And as of today, you aren’t alone.


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I’ll help return to your wellspring of power, to the deep-rooted integrity and purpose at your core.

I’ll show you the truth: you might just be overwhelmed by the gravity of motherhood, womanhood, and reaching new heights in human consciousness.

Together, we’ll help you heal old wounds, reclaim self-love, and access the freedom you long for. Because when you work with me at the level of Source, you can change the very course of your life.

Here, we create profound shifts and healing with lasting impact.

Here, we help move your soul’s journey from your fate line to your destiny line.

So you can become the woman you were truly born to be.

I’m a practicing shaman, which means my approach is a bit different than most life coaches’. I combine emotional wellness coaching and intuitive counseling with tradition Peruvian energy medicine.

Words fail to describe the power of this part of our process.

Though it can only be understood in the context of a personal, intimate experience, I’ll do my best:
You lie comfortably in a state of deep rest. I guide you into a place of spirit—a space of pure freedom and peace. In this loving, safe space, obstacles like stuck energy and past traumas reveal themselves. Once recognized, we can honor, heal, and ultimately release these unhelpful patterns.

The beautiful therapy and medicine of this process has been a deep part of my own healing and becoming.

This work has truly changed my life, and I am honored to offer its power to you.



Imagine for a moment that your life is a house. You build it every day.

Much like a home-builder, you follow a blueprint. This plan determines the shape, feeling, and quality of your daily life.

Your life is a direct result of this hidden blueprint. And I can help you rewrite it.

I love to kick some blueprint butt. In fact, that’s what my signature service is all about.

The Luminous Warrior Sessions is a bundle of 3 counseling and energy work intensives. In each 1.5 hour-long session, we heal and shift your Luminous Energy Field—the field that holds your life blueprint and the power to change it.

Each session is highly personalized. I use a combination of tools and modalities to ensure your highest healing, including:


  • Shamanic Medicine, for energetic integrity and karmic clearing

  • Intuitive Guidance, for greater insight and clarity from the divine channels

  • Archetypal Charting, to access wisdom of the energies actively working in our psyche

  • Aroma Acu-Point Therapy, to upgrade and concentrate the power of the energy meridians

  • Woman's Wisdom, to ground and reconnect to our Mother Earth and her Heart Beat all while being surrounded and held gently but the luminous Healers that have come before us and those who will come after us.


After each session, the client is given suggestions for follow-up work such reading, journaling, prayer, ritual, despacho, and meditation.


The effect of each session can be equal to, or even greater than, a weekend workshop.


All 3 sessions must be completed within 90 days, ideally every 2-4 weeks to build your momentum and commitment.


Once you complete your initial bundle of Sessions, we’ll determine the best ongoing best frequency according to your needs.

To inquire about working personally with Erika please contact


Get divine guidance through your current challenges and learn the heart-centered skills to grow past them.

After you’ve begun walking your path as a Luminous Warrior, these 1-hour energy sessions act as an anchoring tool to help you on your journey. When you notice yourself hiding in the shadows and repressing your true voice, or confusion between warring impulses swallows your focus, I’ll be your touchstone and intuitive guide to moving through challenges with grace and ease.

If you sense razor-edged fear, anger, or guilt carving at your spirit, contact me. We’ll discuss what’s going on and develop your personalized plan for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions as needed.  

To inquire about working personally with Erika please contact


Becoming Luminous Women

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