Brought me immense peace...

“Working with Erika has brought me immense peace. I have learned to look inward at all the places inside myself and to not be afraid of looking or of what I find. I have learned that the universe is kind.
Most of what I notice comes from others in their reactions to my changes and shifts. I notice people confide in me more, are more open to me, trust me more, and are more relaxed and comfortable with me. 
I’ve been able to form stronger relationships because I’ve learned how to manage other people’s energies so I can be empathetic without taking all of it on and making it my own. I’ve also noticed that animals are more attracted to me as well.

I now have better relationships, stronger boundaries with others, optimism and faith. All things I have struggled with in the past.

Working with you feels like you’re opening up to your best friend, only she has magical powers! But seriously, there is so much trust and honesty and bravery in our work. It feels vital and important and in doing so, I have begun to feel more vital and important than I have ever felt. 

— Jen Damaskinos