Wisdom just flows through Erika...

Before having Erika’s support, I was struggling with honoring myself and value my needs as a mother of 3 young boys, wife, and therapist without pushing myself into exhaustion, anger, and resentment, becoming short-tempered with my family.

Erika very lovingly, and with a shitload of wisdom, brought honor to my experience, helping me to believe in myself with a better understanding of my patterns. 

Believing I am worthy, and my feelings have value, I learned to connect to my Feminine cycle, using it as a guide and source of support in taking care of myself, making time to build my business, and all the things I desire to accomplish in life. 

Feeling more connected to myself, I can see patterns where I push through to be perfect. Seeing myself as worthy of receiving from others and not having to do everything on my own, moves me closer to myself with more passion, and radiance. 

Being able to accept support from others when they offer helps me catch myself slipping into self-judgment and able to address this more love and compassion for myself. I am more aware of my Feminine cycle and taking better care of myself by honoring my needs at each phase.

Wisdom just flows through Erika as her passion for sharing warmth, humor, and love in crucial conversations. 

Erika listens and thinks before speaking, offering beautiful reflections that allow me to see myself in a better version of myself. 

Erika is a medicine woman that shares her wisdom of the earth and gives you exactly what you need to understand the things that hold us back from living out our passion.

— Cari Sans, M.A., LMFT, - Owl Sister & Truth Seeker