I struggled with low self-esteem, unhappiness...

Before working one-on-one with Erika, I struggled with low self-esteem, unhappiness, causing depression, crying, sadness, and insecurity.
I did not go out much, working a lot to avoid interaction with others, longing for joy and peace within myself. 

I truly wanted to be fulfilled in my life, learning to appreciate my real true self. 
Erika’s support has changed my life immensely. I have learned I am worthy, am loved, and deserve joy and happiness. 

I now find laughter and joy daily. 
My new found happiness and a sense of peace allow me to speak to people without feeling insecure or afraid, instead, focusing on each moment of loving life and the freedom to be me. 

Digging deep for the truth within gave me the ability to see I am worth being loved, cared for and deserving true happiness and peace. 

Investing in myself with Erika’s help is most definitely worth it. 
Her work is thorough, in-depth, amazing and worth the time and energy as nothing can compare to being your true self and the joy it brings on a daily basis

— Gisel Auguste- Client, Sister, & Grace Embodied