An incredible gift and opportunity...

Before meeting you and beginning our work together, I struggled intensely with confidence, anxiety, and guilt. 

I often felt alone, unsupported, and hateful. I was frequently comparative, jealous, and depressed. I felt as though my life was ruined by fibromyalgia and anxiety and that I would never live a fulfilling and productive life. 

I procrastinated. I pushed off my dreams looking for quick fixes and tried everything under the sun to fill me with some relief or joy. It never worked.

I wanted to find my confidence again, and I wanted to be productive and free from emotional turmoil. 

I’m not sure if I knew what I was looking for when we met, but I trusted my instinct, you, and the process and was hoping for an intense change. 

Meeting you was an incredible gift and opportunity. You provided me the tools to find love within myself for myself. Each session with you has been a lesson in self-love, self-care, and self-understanding. I have learned more in my sessions with you than I have in any previous therapies.

My life is significantly more manageable, exciting, and joyful. My confidence has risen, and I’m happier than I have ever been with myself. I’m way more excited about living every moment to the fullest and gain more inspiration from each day. 

I am more productive now, even with fibromyalgia, than I have been in my adult life. My business is flourishing, my personal life is more intentional and loving, and my belief in myself and my abilities has skyrocketed. 

I find myself solving my problems before they happen by preparing myself and my surroundings for success. I think before I speak more often. I am more loving in my speech and more often speak to solve a problem rather than exacerbate it.

My business grows daily. My husband and I communicate more effectively. I believe in myself. I know I am worthy of love and worthy of success.

I love having you as a mentor but more accurately, a friend. Your manner made me feel incredibly welcome and cared for, and it has made me a better listener to those in my life. 

Now, I have hope. I don’t think I had it before and I KNOW I have it now. I feel incredibly powerful and confident. I now believe in my future and can envision my success. 

If anyone is on the fence about working with you, I will encourage them to try it and see how your life will change for the better. Self-love work is INCREDIBLY powerful and has changed my life completely. 

In describing you and your work, I say that you are a shamanic life coach who specializes in empowering women to be their happiest and most fulfilled selves.

— Lisa Ann Wetzel, Grand Writer, Client, Sister & Feminine Changemaker