Dig deeper into my soul, to fly higher..

You helped me to dig deeper into my soul, to fly higher and to trust my vision. And you showed me that someday I will see that all the guidance and the answers I need are already here, inside myself!
I am more and more able to let my Light shine! And I am more and more driven to fulfill my 'mission’ here on Earth.
I am pausing more often and I am learning to stay in the moment. I am enjoying the stillness. I breath deeper. I feel more and more beautiful :). I am more willing to live well and I have a bigger desire to inspire others.
Joy is my favorite new friend! Even though I experience sometime old feelings, even though I am deep in my ego from time to time, now I know how to get my inner peace back in no time.
Now I know how to pause and I know why it’s important to pause while breathing deeply. Now (during the 7 seconds breathing exercises) I would like to pause more than I am supposed to :)
Now I know better what my gifts are and how to manifest them!
The way you help me discover myself at a more profound level, the way you make me see my gifts, but mostly to talk with a kindred spirit!

— Alina Adamut