I no longer dim the light of who I am.

I had spent many years feeling something was wrong with me. Despite years of education, professional accomplishments and raising a beautiful family I still had a lack of understanding and full acceptance of myself.
Before working one-on-one with Erika, I had spent many years healing a never-ending cycle of suffering and striving, suffering and striving. This destructive cycle manifested as physical illness, addictive behaviors and thought patterns, codependency, and conflict in my closest relationships. 

Oscillated between unhappiness and perfectionism in my relationship with my husband, connection with my role as a mother and what I thought that should be, and my relationship with my physical body. After a period of suffering, I would shift to a state of striving, seeking a better more idealized version of myself and those around me. 

I wanted peace within myself. I wanted to understand myself. I wanted to be able to enjoy life from a place of authenticity. 

Having no specific goals, I was honestly just looking for some relief from my suffering.

As a result of my work with Erika, I no longer dim the light of who I am. I have ended the cycle that plagued me for so many years. Instead of suffering and striving, I naturally align in expansion and contraction with the rhythms of life.

I have immersed myself in the authenticity of my higher self. I live a joyous brave life in which I allow others to be who they are without feeling the need to change them. I show up for myself as a loving best friend instead of a critical parent. 

My relationship with life has shifted, and as a result, my relationship with myself and everyone in my life has changed in the most profound ways. 

I am finally stepping into my professional power, free from fear of judgment.
*I no longer need to reflect the culture’s norms. I let my freak flag fly high and proud, and it feels so damn good! 
*Sitting in full acceptance of myself has allowed my body to heal from debilitating autoimmune disorders. 
*Being free from a problem perspective has allowed me to navigate a loving, compassionate divorce with strength, purpose and gratitude. 

What impacted me most about Erika is witnessing her.

Before meeting Erika, I had no idea what it would look like for a wife, mother, business owner and spiritual teacher to show up in the world. 

Erika models what unrelenting, uncompromising authentic,
loving empowerment looks like for women in today`s world. 

Thank you for showing us how it’s done.

Erika guides women to the truth that was always there and always will be. In this life we drink from the river of forgetfulness, Erika steers you back into remembering. 

This work is essential for anyone looking to meet themselves fully.

— Leslie Theyn, MSW Spiritual Psychotherapist, Client, Sister & Super Nova