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“Empathy is not a spiritual power. It is an emotional experience. Having the healer archetype is not a duty, it’s an opportunity. Neither make us special. Both create our existence.”
— Erika Graiff


Are you an Empathic Healer?

The 3 Vital Tools for the EMPATHIC HEALER © empower us to become aware of the pitfalls of victim, rescuer, and perpetrator archetypes on the triangle of disempowerment; engage the four contracts we need to make; and build a dynamic relationship with our energy fields. These three simple tools gives us the skills to walk with confidence along our paths.

HOw do YOU Use this Gift?

Learning The 3 Vital tools for the EMPATHIC HEALERin any modality of life — banker, massage therapist, teacher, whatever — will align the healer archetype with integrity and the empathic emotions with essential boundaries. When we cross our healer opportunities with our emotions, we can easily become attached. Becoming invested in the outcome of healing creates wounds all on its own. When we have the healer archetype, that means the universe has an open plug within our systems to bring healing through us. If our egos and emotional attachments get in the way of this, we are no longer of service. We have let our greatest gifts become our greatest liabilities.

How do I manage my Intuition?

Having a healer archetype who needs guidance and support in charting the waters can easily lead many to misinterpret their emotions for an intuitive message. Knowing where your energy field is and what it’s doing will put you back in the driver’s seat to be a compassionate healer with discernment, rather than the vast emotional washing machine in need of healing to fill our egos. It’s a noble intention to want to service others BUT at what point do your needs end and the others’ begin?

How does It show up in my life?

Clarifying your relationship to your healer archetype and your empathic emotions will create a breath of fresh air in your psyche and a new opportunity for your highest potential to manifest. We need to get out of our own way. By becoming honest with our deep-seated motivations and clear on our duties we create an emotional freedom like never before. Using our mind’s ability to practice detached compassion and non-attachment to outcome aligns us with our chosen path.





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 Click here to find out more about Erika

Click here to find out more about Erika