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You are in no way obligated to either program by submitting this application. Go for it!

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6-week MCA Group Coaching: $297 (a priceless value :)
We are committed to discussing how we can help make this investment in yourself and your future work. We have 2 payment options available: 1. 7-month payment plan of $457 per month once the program starts, after a $600 deposit upon enrollment. 2. Paid in full discount of $3,400; a one-time payment $2,800 once the program starts, after a $600 deposit upon enrollment. If you need a third option custom for you, just let us know.
What happens next?
Once you submit your application, you will be taken to a page to schedule a 30-minute private call to discuss your needs, the program, and the possibility of enrollment. We will work out logistics, technology, finances, and all other questions to make sure these powerful circle of fiercely dedicated women will serve to transform, connect, and inspire like never before. Just FYI...These programs begins August 2018. Spaces are limited. We are looking forward to connecting with you! Deep bow, dear luminous sister -Erika and the Becoming Luminous Team

Program Description:

‘Fundamentals For SeekerS' Masterclass 

august 2018 - January 2019 includes:


  • 2- ½ day, 3.0 hour, virtual retreat, 1 to begin and 1 to end our program, via the virtual

conference platform ‘Zoom’, scheduled to begin August 2018.

  • 10 - 90 minute live group coaching/shamanic journey/guided meditation/deep study and

introspection, via ‘Zoom’, recorded and posted to the membership platform for your access.

  • 3 - one on one (1:1) private coaching sessions, between 60-90 minutes each, scheduled by you

with Erika, or her team, at the beginning, middle, and end of the 6-month program focused on

personal support, accountability, and honorable stability.  

  • Each 1:1 session will focus on the needs/desires/requests/insights/accountability/menstrual phase cited in your 'session notes'.

o  Becoming Luminous Life Coaching sessions are intend to:

  Align your physical cycles and your lifestyle to gain greater stability

  Ground and center your goals and inner compass

  Clarify and organize your resources and desires

  Connect and focus your intentions and energy

o 1-4 days before each session, I will request 'session notes' from you via email.

o Your reply should be submitted no later than 7pm the evening before your next session.

o Additional 1:1 Coaching available at an additional cost of $200/per 90 min session, at your



  • 6 - original modules, offered 1 per month, each including 1 digital workbook, 2 accompanying ‘Google

Form’ questionnaires posted in the membership site to be completed and submitted twice per module.

o Each module offers a foundational education and experience of womens original spirituality

practices to include, but not limited too, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, 5 Element Chinese

Medicine & the Tao Te Ching, Aroma Acu-point Therapy, Sisterhood Medicine, Q'ero Shamanic

Medicine, and responsible divination, supporting a conscious alignment to the most

fundamental stabilizing forces for a woman seeker of inner truth and wholeness.

o Each submitted questionnaire will be reviewed by Erika, to both witness and support your

journey were necessary, being mindful to not intervene or disrupt a divine process.

o Each questionnaire is designed to support your forward movement by asking powerful

questions to provoke and coach your inner guidance to evolve into one central, strong,

sovereign voice.

  • 1- custom, lovingly hand curated ‘welcome kit’ containing some of my favorite support materials.

o Including at least 10 Essential Oils sustainably procured by Snow Lotus Aromatherapy to be

 used under the Aroma Acu-point Therapy Protocols provided in each module workbook.

o  The welcome kit will be mailed to your residence with one (1) week of our program start date.

  • A private community group, or other social technology platform, for continual sharing amongst the

group, questions for Erika other team on content, and communication from Erika and her team on all

changes, updates, and alerts.

  • Weekly small group (6 women maximum) ‘Owl Sister Circle’ virtual connection, clear guidelines to

foster trust in vulnerability amongst women via ‘Google Hangouts’, to be scheduled and organized to

best fit your schedule, recurring the same day and time each week.

  • Regular emails offering supportive materials, suggestions, encouragement and troubleshooting tools.

  • Email correspondence, via erika.graiff@gmail.com, to update on progress, ask questions, and keep an open line of communication between sessions.

You are the master and commander of your work, life,

and transformation at all times.

You are at the center of this work as it is intended to

support your stability, clarity,

emotional intelligence, and overall life confidence.