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The Triangle of Disempowerment: Victim, Rescuer, and Perpetrator

  • Yoga Peace Kula @ Belmar 911 Main Street Belmar, NJ, 07719 United States (map)

Rehab for Empaths with Erika Graiff, Shamanic Life Coach

Offering empathy, a deep sensitivity to others, can be an amazing gift in relationships, but what happens when it’s not?

Most of us can leave situations feeling physically drained, mentally exhausted, and emotionally confused if we have not come prepared. Empathy is a necessary part of an evolving conscious experience but when a great gift is not cared for, it can become a huge liability. As healers, seekers, artists, and teachers we spend years wearing our hearts, gifts, and power on our sleeves, leaving us open for repeated overwhelm, and often the deadly dynamic of victimization.

These rehabilitation workshops are lead by shaman, professional empath, and life coach, Erika Graiff, who has spent years embodying techniques and wisdom from her personal and professional experience. Empathy is a gift but suffering in relationships is a choice. Learning to use the power of empathy wisely is a skill to be honored and honed. These rehabilitation workshops help clarify the problem, prepare and practice for the real world, while moving you into the driver's seat of your own joyful life experience, blessed with the gifts of an empath.

The Triangle of Disempowerment: Victim, Rescuer, and Perpetrator
September 24th 12:15pm-2pm @ Belmar

The Archetypes of Victim, Rescuer, and Perpetrator can be alive and reeking havoc our relationships if we are conscious of there life sucking dynamic. 

Because sensitive individual like empathic healers, teachers, seekers, and leaders are here to serve, we can easily fall onto the triangle of disempowerment without knowing it.

Symptoms the Triangle is draining your relationships dry:

  • Each person can take a turn feeling victimized and/or becoming the rescuer. These emotions often create a cycle of force against the other, perpetuation to further the triangle out of anger, resentment, and shame. 

  • You feel like the victim in your relationship and don't know how to make it stop

  • You are always angry and bitter in your relationship and don't know why

  • You are sick and tired of the drama in your relationships

  • You find yourself needing to rescue the other when you have done or said something you are ashamed of. 

Other Workshops in the Series:

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$30 for each workshop or $99 for all 4! 

Rehab for Empaths Workshops
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