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Truth Seeker: Clarity and Purpose for the Modern Healer

  • Yoga Peace Kula @ Howell 4631 U.S. 9 Howell, NJ, 07731 United States (map)

As empaths, we are naturally drawn to the meaning behind our gifts of sensitivity and compassion. Seeking can become a full-time job pulling you from workshop, to retreat, to training, but when does it end? Never. BUT.. we can begin to organize our energy field and calibrate our lives to become focused on creating our life's masterpiece. 

This could be through our business, our teachings, our example in the world, or even how we choose to raise our children. Creating clarity within the purpose and meaning we seek allows for a concentration of our gifts and a feeling of fulfillment in our lives. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are always seeking the next training, teaching, retreat to manage a feeling of unfulfillment in life. 
  • You have more training and education than most people with a longing to use it for something AMAZING, but you just don't know what yet.
  • You are happy to be a seeker and want real, techniques and skills to help manage the 'shiny new object' syndrome. (That's a real thing, fo' sho')
  • You feel the call to become a healer, medicine person, and/or teacher but can't seem to find a solid foundation to build on. 
  • You are ready to launch/ been launching your business using your years of seeking but you're not sure where to start and/or are having a hard time nailing down your message.

Bring your seeker's mind to find the diamonds in the treasures you have gained. 

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