The Boundaries For Honor Workshop

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The Boundaries For Honor Workshop


Relationships can become a confusion laden, pain-inducing, field of landmines if we are not paying attention to our own need for boundaries and self-care.

"This workshop takes us deep into the energy, words, and perspective needed to have healthy, helpful boundaries. We put you in the driver's seat of your honor, driving you forward with your power intact. 

Bring your journal, water, and a luminous energy field ready reassess your unconscious choices. It's your power. You might as well make it work for you. 

I look forward to taking you through this experience."


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In this workshop, we will be tapping into our own internal resources to forge a whole new level of energetic integrity and wholeness.


How do you know you need this workshop?


If you:


Are an energetically sensitive person who becomes easily overwhelmed or carried away in social situations and intimate relationships


You find it hard to hold your own autonomy amongst in relationships and group setting.


You need a whole lot of downtime after a social situation or even just a public outing like meeting new people.. and especially after shopping. Ugh! The mall is the worst!


Your relationship with your partner tends to override your own needs.


Relationships with your family feel like a violation of your needs and personal space.


You tend to 'reboot' in silence to be prepared for the next overwhelming situation.


Hold Anger as a shadow aspect of yourself, hiding it at all costs until you explode!


Although we as light beings are made for these times, we need skills and resources to support ourselves in modern life and relationships.


Come get the skills you need to navigate your relationships with ease and grace, upholding your honor, making friends with your anger, and becoming the Luminous powerhouse you are meant to be!

Running time: 43 minutes