In an effort to pay homage to the teachers who have been so vital to the development of my medicine as well as share with the women I have come here to serve, I offer this book list. To further my efforts, I have begun a book circulation initiative called BOOKS TO LOVE.

A single copy of each book I have listed here is being circulated from woman to woman. Each Becoming Luminous Women BOOKS TO LOVE  has been labeled inside the front cover. 


"This book is a part of a global movement to share wisdom and knowledge from women, to women, in an effort to: raise consciousness, heal the sacred feminine, and catalyze a community based on support and trust."

1.Read the book within 1 month and pass it on to the next women who needs to read it. You get to choose. 

2. Sign the book with at least your initials. We are making history. We are creating an energetic community. Don't be shy.

3. These books often spark conversations that need to be had. A Facebook community page of like hearted women has been set up to facilitate such a conversation. Join and meet your new friends.

4. If you are interested in any of these books please feel free to ask. If they have not been sent out on it's journey yet, you can be its maiden voyage. 

Also, I'm including some audio CDs as well. Please treat the same.