Hi Y'all!
Erika here,


Ya know....

February brings a beautiful opportunity to fall in love with ourselves again! It's cold outside (for most of us), so it's the perfect time to cozy up to appreciating our fabulous woman-ness!


There's also something I call the 'Valentine Syndrome,' which can leave us feeling unnecessary pressure, expectations, and disappointment with our relationships. 


To remedy this, I offer the


Self-Love Challenge!!


It's a 5-day exploration of becoming own best friend and masterful support from Monday, Feb. 12th-16th.  

Here's the deets:

Those who sign up will receive each evening, beginning on Sunday, Feb 11th, an email featuring a .pdf WORKBOOK and the next morning's challenge, including details on what to do, why, how, and why it's an essential aspect of deepening our self-love.

Beginning Monday, February 12th, via Facebook LIVE @ 10:15 am on my page @erikagraiff, we will gather to explore it together. 

  • Starting with a small grounding exercise to stabilize and become present, transitioning to the day's challenge with complete instructions and questions answered in the chat, finally empowering us to take action, complete the assignment, and share!
  • This challenge is friendly to both the courageous beginner of the self-love journey as well as the longtime seeker of personal truth, emotional intelligence, and divine love. 
  • Each day we'll have the opportunity to celebrate our incredible beauty and worth, drinking in the potent medicine of love & admiration. 
  • Now is your chance to discover your edge. 
  • THIS IS TOTALLY FREE! Just my way to up-level the self-love in the world! 
  • Let's see how far you have already come, surrendering to developing your new edge of your self-love/care/compassion/commitment journey. 
  • Can't make it LIVE. No worries. The videos will be ready when you are. Facebook @erikagraiff

External relationships are essential, but it's our relationship with ourselves that dictates our future. Committing to becoming our own best friend can improve every aspect of our lives. 

Be sure to get to sign up for the emails. You don't want to miss the power and fun! 

This is my first year leading this so we might just be a small group BUT we are MIGHTY!  Be sure to look for my emails starting a couple of days before to get us ready. I am excited to see your posts as well as to be in the challenge with you! Just posting your progress will blow the doors open to any visibility issues, waking your courage and power!

I am more than over the moon grateful to share this opportunity with you. I would be extremely honored and elated to have you. 
Won't you join me? 
Deep bow