The Beauty of a Spring Surrender

Well... I would love to say the birds and the bees are in full force and my flip flops are breaking my feet back in BUT he truth is we have had a slow crawl in to a luscious change of season so far. The crocus' have peaked out to say hello, the daffodils are slowly stretching there long necks toward the sun, and my bee's have sent out a scout or 7 to survey the situation. From where I'm standing there is not much "spring" in this spring so far but mother nature always has a perfect plan and if we are not careful our expectations, both of our self and the situations around us, can suck the joy our of anything.

So we will continue to bundle up, find our hats, and muster patience from the bottom of the boot closet. Ugh...... That said, this spring is actually going perfectly if you look through the eyes of your highest self. If you ask around, this winter to spring transition has been particularly challenging for most people. Lots of changes, challenges, and a bit of calling your therapist for an emergency appointment here and there. We (meaning EVERYONE on the planet) are in a space and time of serious opportunity for personal growth (opportunity, an option that is not necessary embraced by all). The last couple years have been traumatic in many ways for a lot of people. These opportunities  kicked up, or out, past crap within the basements of our hearts for our betterment, although I am sure for most it felt like shit at the time. 

Now we have made it to the next step of personal growth. We will only be successful if we employ some basic but powerful techniques in our daily life. The key here is simple yet it is it not simply done. PAY ATTENTION TO YOURSELVES AND YOUR LIVE. Be present. Get your Yoga on. Take that meditation challenge you have been putting off. Actually use the $35 Italian Journal you bought for yourself. BREATHE. BREATHE AGAIN. BREATHE AGAIN. BE AWARE OF BREATHING AGAIN.. You get the well driven point I am sure. Doing what brings you into your personal sacred space is crucial AND DOING IT ON A NEAR DAILY BASIS. OK, that said:


Be present for yourself.

Allow yourself to surrender to the flow of the universe.

Bring yourself back to the place of joy that springs within you (you get the hell out of the way for this, i.e. daily routine of loving yourself is crucial)

I would love to hear your comments at the bottom of this blog and don't forget to share if you care...-Erika

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