Spring's Hidden Power For Women

Gently waking is an art, and no one does this better than the Spring.

As the spring thaw begins, we are washed in gifts. Seeing ourselves in the world around us as reflected in the still puddles of rain and melted ice opens the subtle birthing of a new spring. Here we can ride the springs rise if we are present and willing to just let it work for us.  The fourth of The Five Chinese Elements, the wood element, shows up slowly, quietly, with tender shoots and a supple touch.

When we look into a still puddle, what do we see? Ourselves of course.                                          The puddles show us our most significant spring/wood medicine obstacles- also ourselves. 

As we begin to listen to nature's small voice awaken, we must gather our strength to grow from the inside out. Summoning strength and vision, we prepare to bring our new selves forth.  Both roots and shoots, coming to life in the opposite, mirrored directions. 

As the water medicine within reveals the inner obstacles on our path, our wood medicine marches forward as we take the time to honor the challenges along the way. 

By working together, water and wood elements create a birthing process of transformation, revealing our resolve to 'crack our seed-coat', expand upward, lead blindly, by the heat and warmth of the sun's beacon, calling us forth through the dark.

Simultaneously, our roots travel down, deeper into the unknown earth encouraged by the comfort received for our efforts as only the mother archetype can. 

Early spring can be quite confusing and often a miserable experience for us if we choose to see it's wet, cold, windy, gray as a hindrance to our happiness. We have just come through the dark and cold winter, hopefully having used her medicine to rest and dream well; now to a literal 'gray area,' not winter, not spring, somewhere in between.  This limbo has more magic to offer than it's superficial appearance. We have the swirling power of two elements consciously and unconsciously calibrating our inner compass to catapult us forward on our next significant steps in life. The spring is about life, new life, and it's groundbreaking power to manifest the dreams of our future becoming. 

Here are some questions to ponder while we 'chill' in limbo.

  1. What are the challenges/obstacles/rock and hard places I perceive as holding me back right now? Anger, hatred, Resentment, Bitterness, Confusion, Frustration?
  2. How can I choose to honor these by seeing the profound wisdom and gifts supporting your next evolution?
  3. Who will you become as a result of finding your most easeful path forward (the path of least resistance), offering honor and gratitude for all you receive, regardless of the season? 

Taking the time to be present in the springs medicine puts you back into the driver's seat of your experience,

moving from the complete surrender of winter's void,

into the masterful creativity your next personal spring'-ing'


As the powerful, driven, self-creating feminine leader woman you are! 

Deep Bow, Rising Woman,


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