Spring Clearing


Clearing space is a ritual we can use in all places of transition, especially if you want the best outcomes, bringing honor to the past, present, and future you.

As the spring wakes up outside, we must do the same inside of ourselves to align with the shifts and changes. This practice can be useful in all seasons. The earth mama knows just how to keep us well. 

  1. Take a soul stroll out into your yard, neighborhood, or local park, looking for all the signs of spring. Enjoy and appreciate how the trees have swollen buds, the rare crocus brings a sigh of ease, the forsythia peeking yellow to enliven the landscape, and the ground softening, holding puddles to gaze into, splash, and birdbath. Breathe in the new beginning. 

  2. Grow something inside. My houseplants are one of my life-saving stabilizers during the winter months but come March; I need more! Forcing bulbs like Daffodil, Paperwhites, and Tulips are a great way to reinforce the shifts felt, which might not necessarily be seen. Also, growing alfalfa sprouts is a simple, nutritious, detoxing, and delicious way to welcome spring into your entire life, mind, body, and spirit. 

  3. Clear space. When we plant a garden, we must clear and overturn the soil. The same goes when we are making space in our lives for our next steps forward into the becoming of who we are here to be. Choose a closet, cabinet, room, or outdoor space to clean up and organize. Doing so will align your psyche with the season, giving the signal to prepare for something new and lovely. It's a spring ritual, known as 'Spring Cleaning' where we flush out what no longer serves us, making room for what does. 


This past weekend, I found myself cleaning out several kitchen shelves, organizing my medicine/ supplement cabinets, and going through a pile of mail and my daughter's school forms, and white sage'd my house silly.

It brought a sense of preparation as I gather 12 fiercely dedicated women for a 6-month Tao-centric Group Coaching,  Sisterhood, and Retreat Experience and Virtual Intensive staring in May. Nothing like a good cleaning to make you feel receptive and prepared.




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The Dreaded 'Triangle of Disempowerment'

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The 'Triangle of Disempowerment' is a common and painful dynamic between ourselves and another, such as money, our spouse, or God/Life.  We can easily fall into this relationship pattern unconsciously, especially in times of transition and change. The 'Triangle of Disempowerment' is a path of victimization and blame, one which we perpetuate until we consciously see its chronic outcome of personal disconnection and sabotage. Thus pulling us far away from conscious contributing, being of heartfelt service and equal exchange of energy, while feeling the integrity of aligning with one's souls path. 

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Deep Bow, Rising Woman,



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