I (finally) LOVE Winter!

Last night I fell in love with winter. For the first time I consciously felt and understood the true depth of the winter medicine we all have the opportunity to enjoy once a year.

Winter requires we settle into a space of trust and grounding. Having recently welcomed the spirit animal earthworm into my consciousness, yes I said earthworm, you read that correctly. Taking the last couple weeks to settle into the depth of winter, with the wisdom of my new found friend, has opened me to a whole new, and intensely nourishing, appreciate for the vilified season.

I notice my eyes don't want to receive information. They feel right at home being closed and resting. Meditation is easier than ever. Every morning my entire system leaps with gratitude to go inward. Quiet, central, and full of peace, I float in the deep void of the universe within. Floating in a vast sea of what feels like a womb space, receiving, drinking directly from the nectar of life.

In the Q'ero Shamanic traditions of the Andean Mountains of South America, the winter is the direction of the North, carrying us to welcome our legacy of medicine men and women. Opening ourselves to connect with them 'around the fire' and receive their love and support as whispers in our ears. Here we are also met with the stunning, essential, and magical animal spirit, Hummingbird. Sierra Quinte (pronounced kin-tay), as the Q'ero shaman's call her, is a healing force unlike any other.

Hummingbird follows the foundational force of the universe, the Tao, to guide her on her journey. She sets off on her migration with unyielding conviction that the universe will meet her in every breath, every beat of her tiny, mesmerizing wings.

We can step deeply into this stream of support more than any other time of the year. We become carried when we choose to release our death grip on life and feel the water carry us gently on her surface. Here we go into the void of winter to drink in her elixir of life. Shiny and sparkling, the essence rejuvenates our very life force, quenching thirst created by lifetimes and generations of survival response and poverty mentality.

Winter is the healer. Drink her in. Stay in your winter cave, quiet and safe, giving yourself permission to rest, create, dream, and heal. She is a gift. Let us receive her as such.

Deep bow
Allow the Tao