Feel Like Crap? You're Not Alone...

Well, for the last 10 days or so, there has been a great amount of energy being pushed into our Luminous Energy Fields.. If you have felt dizzy, woozy, nauseous, emotional, and an overall sense of being irritable, then you are not alone. Of course, if your cycle is coinciding with this time, this could be heightened for you, but it is not you, not all you... This wonderful gift from the universe is here in the middle of our 2013 experience to help push our imbalance into balance. 

To create balance, it is necessary to surrender and embrace the imbalance. This act, although nothing close to simple, is the key to welcoming the energy that will bring you to balance. Imagine in your mind's-eye a Yin/Yang symbol. Notice the motion of each side is directed toward the other. Each separately pushing it's energy to constantly create a state of homeostasis. They are not opposing forces; rather they hold complimentary energy in which one can not exist without the other. They need each other to create wholeness. The equilibrium is dynamic, based in constant change. This is the same in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine where balance creates health and wellness. 

As the "great turning over" continues, you will experience these energies more and more. In the interest of your emotional, mental, and spiritual health it is best to see these forces as gifts to assist you in your spiritual becoming. Now that you are equipped with a conscious understanding of what's going on, here is your call to action. Allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling. Then, with the most compassion you can muster, love yourself and surrender everything to the earth. She welcomes your heavy energy and loves to support you on your journey. Allow the energy that is coming through to push your imbalance into balance. Refuse to fight. Surrender. 

It is also important that you negotiate the energies coming in as well. If you need to ask for shielding then do so. Guidance, ask for it. Be present in the greatness that is happening for our people. You will only become more at peace with it. 

Remember dear friend, the universe is a friendly place. You have all the time you need, and you are made to express and experience love. Period.

Blessings to you my dear one