Are You Sure Your Good Enough for This?

Here I am. It's Thursday andmy blog is due to my "editor". My week has had lots of insights, breakthroughs, and miracles but still I sit here thinking "what do I write about?"

I have to tell you, it is not always the easiest task to express my path of service in this blog every week. In fact, sometimes I just don't feel like it. I don't feel like conjuring up some grand message from the depths of my wisdom. I just want to be Erika. So today I am letting myself off the hook and letting go of my will to serve with excellence.  Instead I will just stand aside and let it ride. 

Now, don't get me wrong. There is not a word that comes out of my being when I am standing in a place of service, written or spoken, for which I don't give total credit to spirit. I firmly believe that we are divine expressions of "God's" love that our service is the ultimate expression of that love. But today, I think I will truly just put this to the test and move aside entirely. I wonder what will come out? Will I start radiating and levitating? You never know. I have had some intense and mind blowing experiences on this path. I put NOTHING past the power of spirit to make a show. 

So, now what.. hum. 

Oh.. I know.

Remember when you were told you were not good enough as a young girl? I sure do. It was not in so many words but the actions, tone, and mean spirit that seemed to be an accusation that I was, in some way, subpar. I look back at that impressionable and precious little lady with such love that it melts any unpleasantness left in the memory. This healing power totally amazes me. We have the constant power and opportunity to touch the past with love from the present

What a gift to be in a place in our lives where we can to choose what we believe. We have the advantage and maturity to stand firmly in our convictions. Why shouldn't we do this to heal our past? It only makes sense to me. 

Here's your call to action. Evaluate your core beliefs. Old and new.  Leave no stone unturned. If anything bubbles up that is not in alignment with what you want to believe then just change it by sending love to it. Send so much love to your past self that she becomes strong, nurtured, and unhurt by the perils of youth. Hold her in an abundance of  light where you can feel yourself being filled from the inside out. 

You are not only healing your past, you are healing your future. Everything you believe creates the life you have. "God" dwells within . Your beliefs drive your creator ability. Be a whole creator. Send love and light to yourself, past, present, and future. 

You are perfection.

So to that end, I did not levitiate. At least I don't think I did but I did get out of the way and let the light shine through. Now, its your turn. Until next week...

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As always it is my honor to love and support you on your journey.

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