The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer

“The most important question a person can ask is, "Is the Universe a friendly place?” ― Albert Einstein

This is also the most important question you will ever answer. Why? Let's discuss the implications of answering this question.

if you answer no, then...

  • Everyone and everything you ever encounter will be with hesitation and fear
  • You will never enjoy the freedom of living out of safety and security
  • The full expression of your being will never be expressed
  • Your ultimate potential will hide away, robbing the world of your gifts and love
  • An existence of distrust, disconnection, and destruction of whatever you try to build 

I have lived my first 30 years like this experiencing the life that mistrust will breed. As a child, I unconsciously decided my world was unfriendly. This is a invaluable and common survival mechanism employed by children effected with traumatic circumstances. Although essential in childhood, my adult life couldn't thrive with fear as the guiding force. Too many of us live an entire lifetime without answering this question as rational adults. We get stuck from the beginning and stay stuck without ever knowing why or how to remedy it. This is not what I want for you my dear love. Let's see what a change in the answer will give you.

if you answer yes, then...

  • Everyone and everything you ever encounter will be with openness and love
  • Each and every moment you will have the choice to live from safety and security
  • The truth of who you are and what you came to this earth to do will become clear and increase your power to manifest your highest self
  • Your entire existence will be one of blessings to yourself and from yourself
  • You will finally be set on the course the universe has set for you, perfection and love
  • You will be able to live out loud your ultimate potential, gifting the world a strong, stable, aligned, and grounded being of light

So dear friend, this is your moment. You could allow yourself to be set free right here, right now. What will you choose?

To be truthful, if you choose to not answer an astounding "yes" then you are unconsciously answering a fearful "no" and perpetuating the same old patterns of the past.

Blessings to you my dear one



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As always it is my honor to love and support you on your journey.

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