My Key to Choosing Bliss Over Struggle...

If you looked at the lives of the people around you, what would you see? Would one of the first things you would say is major changes? Most people in the last year have had their lives turned upside down in many ways. Now for you, have you seen a major overhaul in your life as well? Maybe it's just internal, where you have been doing some serious personal inquiry? Riddle me this:  If you took a moment to stand back and reflect on your reactions to your changes, what would you see? Could you honestly say you have reacted the way you really wanted to? Did your reactions end up causing  more chaos to ensue? More drama turning into a downward spiral of heaviness and pain?  What if I told you that anytime your world get's turned on it head there is a fundamental tool to support your balance and stability so you can weather the chaos with grace and ease, would you want know what it is? I thought so... Let me tell you a story..

At one particular time in my life, I was lost. I didn't know my ass from my elbow. I had so much baggage from my childhood and my past lives that I could hardly hold a job. My heart and spirit were so broken that any situation that took aim at my weeping wounds would shake me to my core and toss my soul to the wind. I was drowning in self doubt, confusion, insecurities, and deep sadness. I couldn't find the right resources to support me and my sadness continued to grow. Therapists and anti-depressants only made me feel more alone and desperate. I could feel that in my longing I was searching. Searching for something that would ring truthful to my soul and bring a sense of safety to my heart. A place to stand that would support me and that I could rely to hold me in my darkest hours. I needed help, bad, but I didn't know where to look or who to ask.

Then, finally, like only a gift from heaven could bring, I felt her. My highest self, pulling me into my future. Sending me a message of safety. She was pure love and infused with light. She knew the secret and had come to share it with me. I was drowning and she pulled me to shore.

The next years of my life began to change in dynamic ways. All because of this one little visit who brought the most perfect of ideas. Who's energy is evergreen and  power could change the masses. To this day I choose to remember this word and always be in control of your power. 

Ready to know the secret?

Gratitude. Yes, GRATITUDE. It has been said time and time again but I think it's magnitude is under appreciated and it's gravity lost in it's simplicity. The use of this word needs to be coveted and properly honored. When one chooses to be grateful, do not look to others and in your comparison become grateful, but rather look within and let nothing else riside. When our attempt to be grateful leads to judgement and comparison as in "I should be grateful for what I have, some people have nothing",  then we are only left with feeling more miserable about our own situation. It is most helpful If we then choose gratitude as act of surrender. Here we allow our selves to release unmet expectations and thus become totally present in the awareness of bliss. The bliss and beauty that can be attained is totally dependent on the degree in which you choose your embrace. I would be honored to assist you in choosing to embrace more beauty and bliss in your life and to that I offer you my servies of  Private Sessions, My Weekly Newsletter, and my Energy Purification Program which will be rolling our late spring. As always, it is my passion to assist women in discovering their highest potential. Using gratitude as a tool will only support and bring light to your life. 

Having a grateful heart must never be excused as a refusal to see what is real. In fact, it is the opposite. It is truly seeing the reality of our blessings. We are loved. We are light. We are here to be of service. Each of us has the potential to heal ourselves and manifest a place for our passions to flourish. Once we align with our truth and create a place for it on this earth it is only natural that our healing become another's blessing.    

I look forward to what you will bring to the world and would be happy to support you on your journey. 

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