I'm So Embarrased.... The Lesson of the Week

As with all good intentions, this week's blog has been derailed. The third part of the blog series "The Power of Keeping Life Simple- The Power of Prayer" will have to wait. This week's lesson sparked such a powerful, "I want to run and hide," emotion that it is best served if I share.

My story goes like this:

Being the youngest of four children, growing up in the 70's and 80's, totally unable to read or write properly, put me in a particularly uncomfortable spot within my education. Having gone though most of elementary school feeling alone, frustrated, and confused, I began to have major self-esteem issues due to what I thought was some sort of fundamental flaw. I eventually did get support and found resources to help me along the way, but the problem was never totally resolved. I always found fault in myself because I was not what I was expected to be and could not excel academically the way I was told I needed to. 

It's the perfect design of the universe to make sure you always come back to wholeness if there is a deviation of the master plan. In this case, the deviation was being told I was not doing what I needed to do to be what I was expected to be. This lesson has followed me everyday of my life. It has haunted me. It has stalked me. It has made me suicidal at times but now finally, FINALLY, I can breathe a breath of fresh air (that one's for your Jane).:-) This week I was presented with one more chance to let it all go. I realize now that I am the square peg. I will never fit into the round hole. I am created of the stuff of stars, and this makes me perfect. I can choose to be embarrassed by what I am not, or I can celebrate what I am. Today I write you from a place of freedom in the hopes that my lesson will be your blessing.  I will thank god for spell check and friends who are willing to edit my work. I will march forward sharing my heart in this blog, with my clients, and soon enough, with all those who need it. 

 Be who you are here to be, my loves. You are perfection in a physical body, on a physical plane, with physical rules. Share your skills, talents, and love. Release the shame which was put upon us. Release the shame which we all put upon ourselves. Be ashamed of nothing. If you stand in a place of love for yourself and all beings, only light can remain. 

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