The Power of Keeping Life Simple: The Practice of Creating Miracles.

For the last week I have been consciously focusing my thoughts on a constant prayer of love. Each and every time I lose sight, become unfocused, or think out of something other than love, I have tried to turn my thoughts back to love. I am noticing something truly miraculous. With a conscious awareness of my thoughts, I am dreaming my world into being. The world I want to live in. Wanna know my quick and easy secret? Love. Yup, That's it. Love. Keep reading, I'll tell you more.

The exercise is simple in explanation but it is no easy task. One must be willing to stand firmly grounded in love and create everything from there. No exceptions. Think you can do it? Let's practice.

First, breathe. Become fully present in this moment and commitment. Bring your focus deep in your heart. This is where love lives. We are the connector of heaven and earth. This is our divine birth 'rite'. It is our sole job to BE love. Our heart space is the place of divine connection. If we can embrace this notion, and realize divine love is our very nature, then we can allow ourselves to use this power in our daily lives. Now, allow your heart to connect  to your conscious awareness of your divinity. This will need some time to grow, but let's just pretend for now. Think of what you have on your "to do" list for the day. Coming from a place of love, see all these things working out perfectly the way love would create them. For instance, If you have a busy day and many things scheduled, then see them all falling into place perfectly and easily. See your day unfolding with love as your source. Your heart is shining, your day is flowing, you're feeling peaceful and light. This might take some practice to really tap into your heart space and let go of the fear that can run and ruin our lives, but it is a practice that is totally worth trying. Challenge yourself for 3 days to fully step into this exercise. Let every breath be a prayer focused on beginning from love. See if you can shift your perceptions and outcomes with only the power of love.

We have a choice everyday, with every thought. We can allow our thoughts to become a prayer for miracles or stress. Which will you choose? Ego would choose stress because it only makes the fight for power and relevancy stronger. What are you longing for in your life? Love or more of the same?

You choose. Become conscious of yourself Becoming Luminous. Take the 3 day challenge to loosen up your love muscles and try them out. See what you come up with. I would love to hear all about it in the comments below. If you feel that someone special in your life could benefit from being blessed by this, then by all means share. Share a prayer of love with them.

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