The Power of Keeping Life Simple: Prayer, Part 2

Back again to continue our discussion on prayer. In the last post we explored the questions of "where did prayer come from and how does it work?" We established that the "where" is not vitally important but the "how" is. The "how" of prayer, i.e., how does prayer work, is that it is a means to connect and communicate. It is our WiFi,  it is "how" we send and receive information. That said, today we will dive deep into the gray area of "why". Why do we have the ability to pray? Why would someone use this ability?

Take a moment here. Can even you attempt to answer this question?  These are not easy questions to answer because sometimes our language can fail us. When we speak of the realm of spirit the terms we use can be vague and incomplete. It truly takes time and experience to become familiar enough with the non-physical realms to begin to form constructs around the ideas and feelings experienced here. Since I have been hanging out with Great Spirit most of my life, I feel I can shed some light in this area. Here goes.

I believe that we are all created from the same source of love and light. One of the perks of this design is that we are never spiritually separate. We all have the ability to be born and thus die and this proves our ability to move in and out of physical bodies. Furthermore, even though on this 'earthly plane' we are 'housed' in a physical body, we never lose our 'spiritual" abilities, i.e. the talents, skills, etc. of a spirit. When we access our ability to pray, we are connecting with the source in which we are all created from and thus connect to all spirits everywhere, embodied or not. We have this ability because connection and communication are crucial to our growth, individually and as a whole. We connect and communicate through all of our senses and prayer is just a non-physical sense. We do it all day long without even realizing it. Every time you say to yourself "Oh, I hope I can get the sheets changed” or "I really want to send her a get well card", or something of the like, you are putting out into the universe something you need or want. You are sending a small prayer of intention. The focus of your will, energy, and divinity make it a prayer. This is why we must always keep it positive. THIS IS IMPORTANT! THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND NEGATIVES so, always state your intentions, your will, your prayer toward the positive. ALWAYS.

Next week we will bring this discussion to a close but until then begin to discover where prayer lives in your life. Take the next week to chose to pray every day. This week will be dedicated to becoming 'heartful ', as opposed to mindful, of your prayers and focusing on what you want in your life and energy field. Once again, let your heart speak and allow yourself to open to the beauty of prayer. No need for apologizes or confessions, just breath and step in. Let go of the details and become fully present in your spirit. Know that you are held and loved in the highest of light and whatever you choose to share is perfect.

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