The Power of Keeping Life Simple: Prayer, Part 1

Sometimes the things that are the simplest in life are the most powerful. In this series, we will examine the easy, the essential, the always perfect, the prayer. 

When you think of the word prayer, is your automatic reference one of religion? It is not my intension to start an emotionally charged debate on prayer from a religious stance so, lets take the rules, the buildings, and the books out of this conversation and see what we get, ok?

Since we are taking away the familiar constructs that have revolved around  prayer for centuries, we are left to discover the beauty of its essence. There are many questions to ponder in this discussion one of which is, where did prayer come from? Many will dismiss topics such as these if there is even a hint that it could stem from man made beginnings such as the mystery of time. It is unclear to the most accomplished physicist whether time has always existed or it exists because we say it does. There is no difference here with prayer. Whether we know that we created it or it was preinstalled software, is not important. However, acknowledging that we are incredible beings and could have created it if we wanted to is important but, we will save that for another day. What is of supreme importance here is the understanding that prayer is a means to connect and communicate. It is my firm belief that we are, as they say, spiritual beings having a physical experience. So then prayer is our WiFi. It is the means on which we send and receive information.  It is the "how" of our equation.

Let's try it out. Take a moment right now and say a short prayer. It could be for anything or anyone just as long as you always make it positive. Can you sense what happens when you pray? Now grated, some might find this a bit awkward if it's been a while but it's just like riding a bike, right? Give it a try anyway, see what you feel. Can you sense where your prayer comes from within your body? If you say your head take a deep breath, take the pressure off yourself, and try again. Most will say that they sense their prayer is coming from their heart and for good reason. Prayer is generated from your heart center. It is said the the most powerful prayer is one without words coming directly from the heart.  

Ok, now it's your turn. For the next week choose to pray every day. A short, thank you is just fine. It needs no, "Hi God, it's me" stuff. You don't need to give backstory or your social security number. Your job here is to just let your heart speak. Try not to get caught up in the details of what to say or even who you are talking to. Just open your heart and speak. When you do, know that you are held and loved in the highest of light and whatever you choose to share is perfect. Keep mental notes of your experience so we can continue this discovery next week. 

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Together we are Becoming Luminous Women
— Erika Graiff