How Healing and Honing is the Path to Happiness- The 3 H's

There comes a point in all Luminous Women's lives where we are propelled forward in to a space of absolute direction from the Universe. This can be painful for some because it requires us to "shape up or ship out" as they say. Some of us feel a serious push to finally get our daily routines together. Some feel a deep longing for grounding and connectedness which they can no longer ignore. Many of us just come to the point where we are so fed up with a life of being un-centered, we finally put our foot down in the name of knowing we are more. How ever you get here is perfect for you and exactly what you needed BUT it's what you do here that really matters.

  • Healing- Doing all the things that it takes to HEAL. YES, LET GO. This means get the help you need. Seek out all the modalities that feel good to you. The work I do it intensely healing and I would be honored to assist your in this work. 
  •  Hone- Your Spiritual Gifts that is..- You have been doing this for some time now but without direction and consciousness. Once you bring skilled attention to develop your gifts you begin to bring LOVE to yourself and to your life in a whole new way.
  • Happiness- When we are using our lives in a loving way to impact the world around us we are creating the ultimate form of HAPPINESS. Here we are true gifts to the world and fulfilling our ultimate destiny.

Where ever you are on your path it is time to act. Become really honest with yourself about needs and join together with me and your Becoming Luminous Sisters. Sign up now for our free updates and offerings and see why it is VITAL to your Becoming Luminous.