Holistic Empowerment for Brilliant Feminine Leadership Includes~

EDUCATing, GUIDing, AND SUPPORTing WOMEN Seekers to build a personal & Professional FOUNDATION OF SELF-CARE, SELF-EMPOWERMENT, SELF-COMPASSION, & Personal honor through 1:1 MentorShip, Mastermind, & Sisterhood.


"I climbed these heights

in pursuit of my completed mesa, a portable altar of unique healing stones that would help me realize my advancement as a Shamanic practitioner."

- Erika Graiff


Huddled in a tent atop of Holy Mount Salkantay

in the Andean Mountains of Peru,


Shamanism is the 60,000 year old spiritual foundation of our ancient ancestors. It understands that all of the natural world is not only alive but sentient. A shaman is one who has disciplined herself or himself to expand perception into this larger world of spirit/consciousness for purposes of insight, guidance or healing on behalf of others.
Shamanism isn't a religion. It is a healing and problem-solving method which coexists peacefully with many religious traditions. It works along side Christianity and Judaism in the Americas and with Buddhism and Hinduism in Asia. Grounded in nature, shamanism is compatible with beliefs that see human beings and the Earth as dependent upon each other for health and well being. It also honors the personal power, intuition and sacredness of each individual. - © Evelyn C. Rysdyk, 


clutching my sleeping bag to my chin, terrified by the nine inches of snow burying our temporary camp. 

I had climbed these heights in pursuit of my completed mesa, a portable altar of unique healing stones that would help me realize my advancement as a Shamanic practitioner. But a storm had made all passage up or down impossible. Trapped at 15,000 feet.

My journey to this frozen mountaintop began three years earlier, having given birth to my daughter, Calla Grace. Labor and delivery left me emotionally raw; I was a natural, yet untrained mother & empath tormented by extreme energetic sensitivity and haunting visions. So I began to search—for healing, for wisdom, for a real sense of purpose.

By divine grace, I found Alberto Villoldo and Linda L. Fitch of the Four Winds Society, two of the most potent modern medicine people of our time.

I learned Shamanic Medicine, facing my shadows and shifting my destiny drastically. Jumping several destiny lines, in fact to align as acutely as possible to follow my bliss. 

Called to begin my own practice in 2011, I founded Becoming Luminous Women,

a women’s circle to support empathic women to connect as they evolved into their higher selves.

Now, many years later, 

Becoming Luminous Women has transformed- as have I. 

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I am honored to welcome you.

The journey to Becoming Luminous has been wild, compelling, and tumultuous at times, but I have been divinely guided, just like you!

The training below has prepared me to be a light in the world, and now I offer you, dear sister, the wisdom gleaned from my experience.

School Of Homeopathy, New York- Misha Norland

The Four Winds Society - Healing the Light Body School: Traditional Q'ero Shamanism under the guidance of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch, and Ona Sachs

Certified Master Healer: 5 Element Chinese Medicine- Tiffany Carole

Certified Aroma Acupoint Therapist: Evolution of Acupressure and Essential Oils- Tiffany Carole and Peter Holmes

B.S. in Natural Health and Medicine- Clayton College

Certified Life Coach- Jeannine Yoder- Mentor Masterclass

Sacred Contracts Archetype Consultant Candidate -Caroline Myss

Mentee of Jillian Vogtli- Shaman and two time Olympian

Guided by Lao Tzu, Mary Magdalene, Ascended Master Metatron, The 5 Elements of Metal, Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth; a multitude of animal totems, cannabinoid medicine guides and many, many more.

I offer my higher-self wisdom through 1:1 coaching; my signature intimate group coaching programs, Fundamentals For Seekers & The Grace Period;

now in the 10th year of guiding and cheering women on in becoming her best self.

I am a lover of Running, Yoga, Beekeeping, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, My daughter, Calla Grace; Golden Retriever, Lucy; Black Kitten, Kibby, Geek/Viking husband, Joseph; The Tao Te Ching, A Course In Miracles, & Women's Empowerment through Feminine Leadership.

Welcome to your remembering. I am so glad you made it. Please allow me the honor of supporting your journey.

As always,

Deep Bow


My teacher, the celebrated shaman Linda Fitch, once gave me the words "self-referencing" as a compass to navigate my development. These words offered me a place to trust myself in listening to my internal guidance. Though I am a long-time scholar of consciousness elevation—my mentor’s words were the ones that changed my life.

Using the hard-won wisdom and grace my path has offered, I know my hidden strength is the same found for all women.

Having weathered a long journey of healing has made me who I am. Offering sage wisdom and entrepreneurial insights to other women pulled to walk the path of compassion and soulful contribution. 

An ever-evolving support system has freed me from a near ridiculous multitude of personal challenges. 

Suffering a congenital hip disorder, PTSD, hormonal dysregulation, and debilitating food allergies lead to Erika’s lifelong pursuit of, and a degree in, Holistic Health and Medicine. Taking up deep study in Jungian Analysis, Peruvian shamanic medicine, 5 Element Chinese theory, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, and transformational coaching created a safe space for healing, both for her and her clients/sisters. As Postpartum Depression and alcohol threatened the life she dreamt of, Erika reopened the door to cannabis as a Medicinal Cannabis License holder in New Jersey, becoming a trail-blazer in self-care, working to remove the social-stigma around cannabis and motherhood, leading the charge to dignify the challenges of womanhood.

It is here I found we have innate guidance, pulling us through the darkest days of despair, into a new, lighter, freer version of ourselves.

We just need to learn how to listen. 

Becoming Luminous Women is an ever evolving high-touch life coaching practice; a path to sisterhood and personal healing.  A journey for women to become best friends with herself, creating a foundation of emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual stability.  With Holistic Life Coaching, she gains ears to hear her truth and a heart to know her strength. 

Linda’s simple instruction helped me discover my direct channel to Divine Guidance which I commune to offer my clients a deeper life understanding.  I also use gentle humor, direct guidance, and the Spiritual Athlete Archetype to encourage transformation.

I dedicate this practice to the loves of my life. 

Whom I wouldn't want to live without, my husband Joseph & daughter, Calla Grace. 

I owe all of this to you. 

Deep bow.


Just knowing someone else has gone through something similar to me but still wants to genuinely see me in my power, discovering my truth, makes me feel strong and brave.
Erika is a refuge.
— Diana Martin- Owl Sister, Wise Woman, & Love Warrior

Erika’s insight, wisdom, innate knowledge and understanding of life and love, her wit, kindness,
and gift of the written and spoken word make her an incredible feminine leader,
to shake and enchant us to walk a life of purpose and fulfillment.
— Jillian Vogtli- Two Time Olympian, Medicine Woman, Artist, & Joy's Powerhouse

Holy Mountain Sulkantay, Peru

Holy Mountain Sulkantay, Peru