I am excited to share with you the kind words and amazing healing experiences from the women I have had the honor to serve thus far. I look forward to all who come to create healing for themselves. Deep bow to all Becoming Luminous Women, past, present, and future
— Erika Graiff, Founder- Becoming Luminous Women

I’m here to

raise your ambitions,


your Consciousness Awakening....

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You helped me to dig deeper into my soul, to fly higher and to trust my vision. And you showed me that someday I will see that all the guidance and the answers I need are already here, inside myself!
I am more and more able to let my Light shine! And I am more and more driven to fulfill my “mission’ here on Earth.
I am pausing more often and I am learning to stay in the moment. I am enjoying the stillness. I breath deeper. I feel more and more beautiful :). I am more willing to live well and I have a bigger desire to inspire others.
Joy is my favorite new friend! Even though I experience sometime old feelings, even though I am deep in my ego from time to time, now I know how to get my inner peace back in no time.
Now I know how to pause and I know why it’s important to pause while breathing deeply. Now (during the 7 seconds breathing exercises) I would like to pause more than I am supposed to :)
Now I know better what my gifts are and how to manifest them!
The way you help me discover myself at a more profound level, the way you make me see my gifts, but mostly to talk with a kindred spirit!
— Alina Adamut

Erika uses her kind spirit to guide the most vulnerable of people on their path to ‘Becoming Luminous.’ Her serene office immediately makes you feel at home and comfortable, ready to share the obstacles and fears most holding you back. She uses archetypal counseling along with her shamanic healing to not only understand through the logical mind, but also gives you the space to embody the changes taking place. Her sessions leave you feeling alive and empowered to take those next steps in your life’s journey.

— Catherine Craig L.Ac. Evolution Acupuncture

I just experienced the most amazing session with Erika. Her eloquence and warmth create such a safe space for opening and healing. She has great passion for her medicine and I can’t wait to learn more in my next session. Her session left me feeling free, empowered and more integrated. Thank you

— Jeanette Sealy, LMT

I am able to work at an appropriate pace for myself in a safe and supportive environment. I have had many shifts in my life from the illness and death of my husband to everyday relationship issues. I have been able to better manage these shifts working both on and off the table. The work we do on the table helps shifts to happen naturally and also helps me feel more grounded. It’s been a very positive and supportive experience in both my growth and areas where I continue to grow. I plan to continue my journey with you.
— Melissa Clifton-Bahrs | Owner - Arch Brow Bar

You brought light where there was darkness. You brought clarity where there was fog. You brought calm where it was stormy. You brought peace where there was internal war. You brought happiness where there was not happiness. You brought love where there was none. You brought family back into my family. You brought function back into my home where it was dysfunction. You made my house a home. You made my children happy and loving.
— Lisa Littman

Filled with light and love!
— Jean Eichberg

If I had any hesitations-it was just that is this the right time and is it meant to be and no doubt it was perfect. I felt at the time I needed your guidance months before I sought your help & feedback/insight on what was going on within me at the time. The fact that you had said during the Munay Ki rites transmissions, you would walk us through it if we needed..that sparked my curiosity on what it meant to be guided /walked through whatever we all were enduring in adapting to the energies & changes in our processes. Anyway, I’m very grateful in many ways for making this choice to seek you. In so many ways. After every session, I always feel know and trust on some levels things have happened, transmuted and healed. I feel clearer and lighter.
— Arathi Reddy

Meeting Erika has been a wonderful experience. She is a very passionate and dedicated Shaman instructor. In learning and accepting the Munay-Ki, she has brought me to a different place in my life. Drudging deep into my heart and soul. Lifting and lightening my heart and spirit, has made me see a whole new perceptive of my life. My angels and spirits have been showing me, in my dreams, lessons I have learned and lessons that I need to learn. Erika has been there one hundred percent, guiding me through my experiences. I am looking forward, in sharing more of my life experiences with Erika. She has been the blessing that I have been looking for....
— Dawn Russo

Love it! Love it! love it! Deep, introspective and visual. Thanks so much for this time together!
— Leslie Nolan- The Venus Transits

Erika Graiff is a warrior guide with the medicine of laughter and fearlessness. Her spirit is so bright, her intent is so pure and her words pierce through the layers that hide our pure nature. My session with her was a powerful experience that gently nudged me out of my comfort zone into exciting new territory. If you are a woman, ready to boldly go where you have never gone within yourself, Erika can lovely hold the space for you to unwind, discover and laugh from your soul.
— Summer Quashie- Owner - Everyday Healing

With your help and guidance, I’ve learned to connect with my feelings, be them good or bad, embrace them and move through whatever is happening in the moment. I’ve recognized how the power of prayer in my life is deeply connected with my ability to create a better life, a better day, a better moment, a more positive outlook. I now get up every day and I connect with God through prayer.
Specifically, I’ve learned how to be more positive with my own thoughts, with what I say to others, with my words, with my deeds in all aspects of my life. I now believe in myself more and my abilities to be the highest version of myself.
— Gina Rosset

I have noticed myself overall calmer, a clearer decision maker, more trusting of the uncertainty in life’s process. The clarity that comes from our discussion backed up by a healing journey to the core. It seems through discussion we narrow down exactly where the energy needs to go, then the internal journey begins.
Our work together has been instrumental to me during a very important moment in life. It has provided me incredible focus, clarity and safety to walk through the most difficult year of my life. Working with you has been a calming and inspiring experience… You naturally instill a sense of safety and access a, “ this is going to be fine” feeling among every presenting problem. You engage closely along with the process leaving me to feel connected and cared for in the work.
— Ruth Palacio- Owner - Palacio Consulting

Erika is an authentic healer who brings presence, grace and feminine energy into her work. We connected in a session just before my birthday and during a time of transition in my personal life. Our session weaved together Erika’s gift of intuitive coaching, insight and energetic healing. I left with a greater sense of direction on my journey. Erika supported me with practical tools to help implement into my daily life. With these tools, I feel like I have been able to dig deeper into areas of my life, while feeling empowered to launch forward. Erika’s work is much needed in the world. Thank you beautiful for shining your light ahead!
— Kate Strakosch, Wellness and Nourishment Coach - Sunshine Kate's Nutrition and Sauna

Working with Erika has brought me immense peace. I have learned to look inward at all the places inside myself and to not be afraid of looking or of what I find. I have learned that the universe is kind.
Most of what I notice comes from others in their reactions to my changes and shifts. I notice people confide in me more, are more open to me, trust me more, and are more relaxed and comfortable with me.
I’ve been able to form stronger relationships because I’ve learned how to manage other people’s energies so I can be empathetic without taking all of it on and making it my own. I’ve also noticed that animals are more attracted to me as well.

I now have better relationships, stronger boundaries with others, optimism and faith. All things I have struggled with in the past.

Working with you feels like you’re opening up to your best friend, only she has magical powers! But seriously, there is so much trust and honesty and bravery in our work. It feels vital and important and in doing so, I have begun to feel more vital and important than I have ever felt.
— Jen Damaskinos

Your guidance in working with the chakras was very empowering for me. You said something in one of the classes, and I find I repeat it often in my own chakra workshops. It was about being grounded, and I said, “Well, I like being up here in these upper chakras and all this stuff.” You were like, “No. If you can’t be grounded you can’t bring any of that down into reality and you can’t manifest.”
When I look back to key points in my life, and times when shifts began, it was definitely when I met you and connected on that soul level. You give people permission to be themselves and you celebrate that. You also helped me align with creating ritual in my own life and re-experience the sacred. I’ll never go back and not have that in my life. Thank you for that.
— Linda Baran

I want you to know how much I enjoyed last night and all previous meetings. I am so looking forward to working with you. I feel so happy and excited to have found you! When the student is ready the teacher arrives! Thank you thank you thank you...til next time...
— Darcy Cook