As the next step on your soul's journey, I am offering services and ceremony to assist, align, and accelerate your spiritual growth. 

Energetic Space Clearing- House/ Workspace/ Land Clearing

Clearing the old patterns of land and/ a home allows for a newness to be birthed. Whether it is for the sale of a home or to start fresh in a new home, clearing the energy of the past inhabitance is essential. Utilizing her Intuitive abilities, Erika will help you create a renewed and personal space for your business or home. Prices depend upon size and location of property.

Personalized Sacred Ceremony

Combining her Shamanic training and intuitive abilities, Erika will create a unique and personalized celebration ceremony to deeply honor any transition in your life.

Some Examples Include:

Personal  Full Moon Despacho- Ayni (Balance/ Rite Relationship with all things)

Personal  Full Moon Despacho-

Ayni (Balance/ Rite Relationship with all things)

Home ~ Career ~ Relationships ~ Health ~ Life Balance ~ Ancestors ~ Divine Masculine ~ Death ~ Divine Feminine ~ Birth ~ Birthdays ~ Marriage ~ Abundance Releasing ~ Welcoming Change ~ Divorce ~ Adolescence ~ Thanks-giving ~ Seasons/Holidays ~ Self Love

These sessions include a consultation, guided meditation, a power animal, a personalized "Despacho" or "Prayer Bundle", a sacred Peruvian tradition of offering to the archetypical energies,  and personalized tools to honor your sacred transition.

Opening Despacho of the Munay-Ki- Healer's Rite

Opening Despacho of the Munay-Ki- Healer's Rite

Becoming A Luminous Woman

A 12 month program, separated by seasons, to step into your luminosity and accelerate your spiritual growth 

Spiritual Development/ Leadership Coaching

Becoming Luminous Leaders Training

Please inquire for more info

Becoming Luminous- Erika Graiff    Atlantic Highlands, NJ     732 597 6366