Shamanic Life Coaching Session


Shamanic Life Coaching Session




Imagine for a moment that your life is a house. You build it every day.


Much like a homebuilder, you follow a blueprint. This plan determines the shape, feeling, and quality of your daily life.


Your life is a direct result of this hidden blueprint. And I can help you rewrite it.




The Luminous Warrior Sessions is a bundle of 3 counseling and energy work intensives. In each 1.5 hour-long session, we heal and shift your Luminous Energy Field—the field that holds your life blueprint and the power to change it.


Each session is highly personalized. I use a combination of tools and modalities to ensure your highest healing, including:


  • Shamanic Medicine, for energetic integrity and karmic clearing

  • Intuitive Guidance, for greater insight and clarity from the divine channels

  • Archetypal Charting, to access wisdom of the energies actively working in our psyche

  • Aroma Acu-Point Therapy, to upgrade and concentrate the power of the energy meridians

  • Woman's Wisdom, to ground and reconnect to our Mother Earth and her Heart Beat all while being surrounded and held gently but the luminous Healers that have come before us and those who will come after us.


After each session, the client is given suggestions for follow-up work such reading, journaling, prayer, ritual, despacho, and meditation.


The effect of each session can be equal to, or even greater than, a weekend workshop.


All 3 sessions must be completed within 90 days, ideally every 2-4 weeks to build your momentum and commitment.


Once you complete your initial bundle of Sessions, we’ll determine the best ongoing best frequency according to your needs.


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