Huddled in a tent atop of Holy Mount Salkantay in the Andean Mountains of Peru, I clutched my sleeping bag to my chin, terrified by the nine inches of snow burying our temporary camp. I’d climbed these heights in pursuit of my completed mesa, a portable altar of special healing stones that would help me realize my advancement as a Shamanic practitioner. But a storm had made all passage up or down impossible. We were trapped at 15,000 feet.

My journey to this frozen mountaintop began three years earlier, when I gave birth to my daughter, Calla Grace. Labor and delivery left me emotionally raw; I was a natural but untrained empath tormented by energetic sensitivity. So I began to search—for healing, for wisdom, for a true sense of purpose.

By divine grace I found Alberto Villoldo and Linda L. Fitch of the Four Winds Society, two of the most powerful medicine people of our time. I learned Shamanic Medicine, facing my own shadows and shifting my destiny drastically. Called to begin my own practice, I founded Becoming Luminous Women, a women’s circle to support empathic women as they evolved into their higher selves.

But my own journey was just beginning. My distrust of life and inability to feel safe, products of early life trauma, spun out of control when, in a period of just three months, my father passed away, my husband was nearly dismembered, and I suffered a nervous breakdown.

I sought a another powerful form of healing for myself, supported by the shamanic medicine. I found Aroma Accu-point, a modality that marries pure organic essential oils with needle-free acupuncture. Developed by Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole Pollard, leaders in aromatherapy and traditional Chinese medicine, this method clears trauma, rewires energy meridians, and heals schisms on all levels.

When my daughter suddenly suffered severe sleep apnea, I redoubled my training, becoming a Master Healer© certified by Tiffany Carole Pollard, medicine woman and honored carrier of dolphin medicine, affirming the wisdom of our earth mother connection and the elements within all of us.

So I found myself in 2012, guided by Linda L. Fitch, teacher, shaman, leader, numb with cold, paralyzed with fear, listening to the wind whistle outside my tent. As my body shivered with the instability of our situation, I stared into my lukewarm cup of Ovaltine and suddenly saw a vision of my daughter as a newborn.

At that moment, the wild, sacred feminine power of the mountain infiltrated my system. I felt the powerful, expansive nature of the universe flow through my veins. As if waking from a dream, I witnessed deep levels of consciousness and astral planes and what is possible as a highest destiny, globally and individulaly—all the while being gently held by the trust of the pachamama, our earth mother. It was here that my father's words came to me.  'It's just a breeze' he would say, using his 'viking-esk' nature as a sea-faring captain to stand boldly in the face of the ever changing ocean conditions. Standing on my own 'boat', "The Eagle", feeling the long line of bravery in my vein and the ships that held my lineage including 'The Hustler', 'The Dolphin', and my fathers last, 'The Falcon'.

With perfect synchronicity, symbolism, and safety that only the pachamama can give us, after my father's death, the Falcon totem has come to my aid numerous times, supporting both death and rebirth in my journey. 

When we carved our path out of the snow, I had engaged the beginnings of new gift: eagle medicine. I knew myself as a Luminous Warrior—and now see my clients as the same.

Upon my return, I vowed to hone my own unique medicine informed by the challenges and gifts I encountered. I transformed Becoming Luminous Women into a women­-centric spiritual practice for both Empaths and Entrepreneurs, combining one-­on-­one session work and online education as a portal of connection with our higher selves.

This higher perspective I attained on that sacred mountain now enables me to pass on the gift of perspective to my clients, who soar above the clouds of their grief, judgment, shame, and fear to embrace fearlessness, groundlessness, and needlessness, learning to hold their journey as holy and the challenges along the way as gifts to evolve the soul.  Using an attentive witness for my own healing to enlighten karmic bloodlines and heal sexual wounded-ness, shame, grief, and childhood and adult trauma. I also operate as an Archetypal Counselor in pursuit of certification from Caroline Myss Education Institute, teaching interpretation, analysis, and application of archetypal symbols to my clients’ life events.

It is my passion and purpose to guide the gifted into wholeness and highest service. This is medicine that I offer the brave souls of Becoming Luminous Women: the light of compassion, empathy, and divine grace earned on my path as a healer.

With the support of my ever-present mother, healer, and entrepreneur archetypes, my heart, mind, and Luminous Energy Field are now calibrated to serve the evolution of women just like you.

Welcome to Becoming Luminous Women. It is my honor. Deep Bow.