Motherhood is the ultimate opportunity for you to prove your self worth to yourself.
— Erika Graiff-Becoming Luminous

The links below are helpful resources for your journey.

Articles and Resources:

Harper's Bazaar: "The New Fashion Cure All" by Kimberly Cutter - Click here to open PDF

Daily Om: "A Soulful Cure, Working With A Shaman" - Click here for website

The Shamanic Journey: A Brief Introduction - Click here for website

What Is A Shaman? A Visionary, A Doctor Of The Soul, And A Bridge To Spirit - Click here for website 

The Shamanic Middle World: Spirits of Nature, Ignorance, and Lost Souls - Click here for website

Transforming Therapy With Shamanic Energy Healing - Click here for website

Helpful Links:

Becoming  Luminous Women- A Women's Circle- Click here for website

Munay-Ki - Click here for website

The Four Winds Society and The Light Body School - Click here for website

Dying-Consciously - Gain information about how to help your loved ones cross over with peace - Click here for website

Yoga, Spa's, and Holistic Centers:

Red Bank Holistic Learning Center - Click here for website

Page Chiropractic Wellness Center - Click here for website

Avatar Spa - Click here for website 

The Crystal Lotus Healing Arts Studio - Click here for website

Brahma Yoga - Click here for website

Wise Healing Owl- Click here for website


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