The Triangle of Disempowerment Worshop

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The Triangle of Disempowerment Worshop


Erika Graiff takes us through the three levels of disempowerment isolating the three shadow archetypes wreaking havoc in our lives. The Victim, Rescuer, and Perpetrator shadow elements cause us to drain our power and detail our soul's journey. 

"Bring your journal, your water, and your open mind. You're going into a deep witnessing moment of your own experience. Let's set you free to fly. This information will never leave you once you learn it."

Deep Bow


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Offering empathy, a deep sensitivity to others, can be an amazing gift in relationships, but what happens when it’s not?


Most of us can leave situations feeling physically drained, mentally exhausted, and emotionally confused if we have not come prepared. Empathy is a necessary part of an evolving conscious experience but when a great gift is not cared for, it can become a huge liability. As healers, seekers, artists, and teachers we spend years wearing our hearts, gifts, and power on our sleeves, leaving us open for repeated overwhelm, and often the deadly dynamic of victimization.


These rehabilitation workshops are lead by shaman, professional empath, and life coach, Erika Graiff, who has spent years embodying techniques and wisdom from her personal and professional experience. Empathy is a gift but suffering in relationships is a choice. Learning to use the power of empathy wisely is a skill to be honored and honed. These rehabilitation workshops help clarify the problem, prepare and practice for the real world, while moving you into the driver's seat of your own joyful life experience, blessed with the gifts of an empath.


Ready to get the skills you need to shine in the world?

Want to bring your light without compromising your own stability?

Are you finally sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If you're a 'Yes', then NOW is the time.

Using our breath, energy skills, and intuitive awareness we will engage a whole new level of wholeness, empowerment, and appreciation for who we are here to be.

You are a gift. Your presence is a gift. Let's get you aligned with that truth.

Running time: 49 min.