Yup, I'm Guilty. The Lesson of the Week

Yup, you caught me. I am guilty as charged. For the last couple of weeks I have been hyperventilating and stressing so much that I created a serious kink in my back that is taking some serious love to work out..

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Yoga, Meditation.... all in the hopes of loosening the clenching that was actually caused by, you guessed it, yours truly.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the effort of churning out great content and developing a viable business of service. It was not until I entered Yoga class on Monday morninggreeted by a new and ambitious teacher, that I received my wake up call.

arrived a couple of minutes late, and so the class was already into their flow sequence. I unrolled my mat and began to join in. I instantly became aware that what I was being guided to do was NOT what my body and breath were ready to do.  At first I thought, what the f*ck! Doesn't she know I need a considerable amount of warming up to keep up this pace? And after maybe one or two more attempts from my ego to get pissed and find fault in her style, I got the lesson I needed so badly that day. 

Posted on May 16, 2013 .

Are You Sure Your Good Enough for This?

Here I am. It's Thursday andmy blog is due to my "editor". My week has had lots of insights, breakthroughs, and miracles but still I sit here thinking "what do I write about?"

I have to tell you, it is not always the easiest task to express my path of service in this blog every week. In fact, sometimes I just don't feel like it. I don't feel like conjuring up some grand message from the depths of my wisdom. I just want to be Erika. So today I am letting myself off the hook and letting go of my will to serve with excellence.  Instead I will just stand aside and let it ride. 

Now, don't get me wrong. There is not a word that comes out of my being when I am standing in a place of service, written or spoken, for which I don't give total credit to spirit. I firmly believe that we are divine expressions of "God's" love that our service is the ultimate expression of that love. But today, I think I will truly just put this to the test and move aside entirely. I wonder what will come out? Will I start radiating and levitating? You never know. I have had some intense and mind blowing experiences on this path. I put NOTHING past the power of spirit to make a show. 

So, now what.. hum. 

Oh.. I know.

Remember when you were told you were not good enough as a young girl?


Posted on May 9, 2013 .

The Power of Keeping Life Simple: The Practice of Creating Miracles.

For the last week I have been consciously focusing my thoughts on a constant prayer of love. Each and every time I lose sight, become unfocused, or think out of something other than love, I have tried to turn my thoughts back to love. I am noticing something truly miraculous. With a conscious awareness of my thoughts, I am dreaming my world into being. The world I want to live in. Wanna know my quick and easy secret? Love. Yup, That's it. Love. Keep reading, I'll tell you more.

The exercise is simple in explanation but it is no easy task. One must be willing to stand firmly grounded in love and create everything from there. No exceptions. Think you can do it? Let's practice.

Posted on May 2, 2013 .

I'm So Embarrased.... The Lesson of the Week

As with all good intentions, this week's blog has been derailed. The third part of the blog series "The Power of Keeping Life Simple- The Power of Prayer" will have to wait. This week's lesson sparked such a powerful, "I want to run and hide," emotion that it is best served if I share.

My story goes like this:

Being the youngest of four children, growing up in the 70's and 80's, totally unable to read or write properly, put me in a particularly uncomfortable spot within my education. Having gone though most of elementary school feeling alone, frustrated, and confused, I began to have major self-esteem issues due to what I thought was some sort of fundamental flaw. I eventually did get support and found resources to help me along the way, but the problem was never totally resolved. I always found fault in myself because I was not what I was expected to be and could not excel academically the way I was told I needed to. 

Posted on April 25, 2013 .

The Power of Keeping Life Simple: Prayer, Part 2

Back again to continue our discussion on prayer. In the last post we explored the questions of "where did prayer come from and how does it work?" We established that the "where" is not vitally important but the "how" is. The "how" of prayer, i.e., how does prayer work, is that it is a means to connect and communicate. It is our WiFi,  it is "how" we send and receive information. That said, today we will dive deep into the gray area of "why". Why do we have the ability to pray? Why would someone use this ability?

Take a moment here. Can even you attempt to answer this question?  These are not easy questions to answer because sometimes our language can fail us. When we speak of the realm of spirit the terms we use can be vague and incomplete. It truly takes time and experience to become familiar enough with the non-physical realms to begin to form constructs around the ideas and feelings experienced here. Since I have been hanging out with Great Spirit most of my life, I feel I can shed some light in this area. Here goes.

I believe that we are all created from the same source of love and light. One of the perks of this design is that we are never spiritually separate. We all have the ability to be born and thus die and this proves our ability to move in and out of physical bodies. Furthermore, even though on this 'earthly plane' we are 'housed' in a physical body, we never lose our 'spiritual" abilities, i.e. the talents, skills, etc. of a spirit. When we access our ability to pray, we are connecting with the source in which we are all created from and thus connect to all spirits everywhere, embodied or not.


Posted on April 20, 2013 .

The Power of Keeping Life Simple: Prayer, Part 1

Sometimes the things that are the simplest in life are ​the most powerful. In this series, we will examine the easy, the essential, the always perfect, the prayer. 

​When you think of the word prayer, is your automatic reference one of religion? It is not my intension to start an emotionally charged debate on prayer from a religious stance so, lets take the rules, the buildings, and the books out of this conversation and see what we get, ok?

Since we are taking away the familiar constructs around that have revolved around  prayer for centuries, we are left to discover the beauty of its essence. There are many questions to ponder in this discussion one of which is, where did prayer come from? Many will dismiss topics such as these if there is even a hint that it could stem from man made beginnings such as the mystery of time. It is unclear event to the most accomplished physicist whether time has always existed or it exists because we say it does. There is no difference here with prayer. Whether we know that we created it or it was preinstalled software is not important however, acknowledging that we are incredible beings and could have created all things is but we will save that for another day. What is of supreme importance here is the understanding that prayer is a means to connect and communicate. It is my firm belief that we are, as they say, spiritual beings having a physical experience. If that is so, then prayer is our WiFi. It is the means on which we send and receive information.  

Posted on April 11, 2013 .