5 Habits to Resurrect Your Inner Goddess & Break the Cycle of Powerlessness

Most of us would already agree, or are willing to explore, the idea that life is full of lessons and challenges personally designed for you, by you (Your Highest Self in comminution with/as the divine, no less).


We would also agree then, that the object of these challenges is to open your heart completely so as to be a full loving being incarnate. Knowing both of these truths allows a greater opening of understanding to approach life with greater trust, strength, and willingness to keep your heart open. No small task, I assure you. 

I’ve got 5 specific action steps you can take TODAY to increase your personal power. But first, you need to understand why we’re doing this at all.



As we make choices to unlock the density of our Luminous Bodies, we resonate at a higher, clearer, more powerful vibration. To intensify this state of clarity, you must engage your personal power to make choices that support you.

This begins and ends by listening to your hearts language with curiosity, patience, and a willingness to honor a pace of awareness and conscious movement. So many women have been taught a twisted way of engaging life. We have been shamed into valuing others’ words and opinions over our own. We become submissive, victims, and powerless.

Generations of women have been taught that listening to others will make us safe, secure, and significant. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is as potent and venomous in modern media as it was in medieval religious culture, and it continues to drain creation of its divine feminine potential.

We need to adopt 3 beliefs that are building blocks to the empowered soul: safety in our own strength, security in our own minds, and significance in our own hearts.

We must undertake a hero's journey to gain these tenements for ourselves. These open, anchor, and clear the root chakra, creating a solid foundation to grow and learn from. When we CHOOSE to love ourselves so deeply that we ignore all opposing forces who would ask of us to believe otherwise. Here our hearts can freely open to our FEARLESS DESTINY. 

We know that having a proper foundation is paramount in learning. To prepare our children for school, we ensure they get good rest and a healthy(ish) breakfast.

But as adults, we routinely ignore the needs of our Luminous Bodies, the donut shaped field that animates all of creation, also known as the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) amongst a thousand other names? You know, the one that actually runs the entire show and connects us all?

Most of us have not been taught to be aware of our fields of existence, most preferring to stick what what they can see, not with what they can feel. We are the next upgrade to the human race. We have the proper 'software' to not only become aware of our energetic existence but also be in full self-empowered command, with a healthy dose of humility, and reverence for all forms of creation. 

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”
— -Joseph Campbell

Listening to the wisdom the LEF whispers, nurturing ourselves daily with awareness and curiosity, taking the time to feel, listen, and act according to our hearts direction (the LEF is the surrounding and internal field, the heart is the place where heaven and earth meet within the LEF), will ensure that we have the proper tools to support our root chakra. Without prioritizing a daily process to empower ourselves ,we fall into the hands of our fate.

An apathetic existence where we stand completely convinced of our own broken-ness, victimhood, and product of our limiting beliefs.  Fate seems to work from shadow. This makes a rough and rocky road to walk down, leaving even the most well intentioned soul to choose (consciously and unconsciously, we are always choosing) ignorance, rejection, and turn away from challenges, making our greatest gifts our greatest liabilities.

Alternatively, using laser focused courage to become the hero of our own story, flexing both the recursion muscles of self-empowerment and divine will, create stability in the roots of our LEF/root chakra. This is standing in the light expression of our systems, allowing for the archetypes of greatness like liberator, scholar, teacher, leader, etc. to have a fighting chance.

Our safety, security, and significance are no longer in question. Day by day, choosing to listen, witness, and nurture ourselves. Day by day connecting to the wisdom of the Divine/Earth/Higher-self communication through the LEF. Day by day meeting the challenges placed in front of us with a smile, we become stronger, intensified, and triumphant. 


The triumph of our challenges, build upon themselves to create destiny. This is where your gifts live and breathe, waiting for us to show up and claim what is rightfully ours. They call to us. We can feel their pull forward. It is that pressure you feel in your heart chakra and the knowing of your own greatness deep inside that you just can't seem to grasp. It is there as a beacon. Gain your roots and move towards it. Move towards your destiny!

Right now, our entire female race is the Divine Feminine Goddesses set adrift, searching for herself, having been lulled into slumber at one time, but regaining consciousness rapidly. Once she reaches the shores of self realization, she can never be controlled again. She can no longer be blinded by those who would choose to own her gifts, resources, and choices. She is right where you stand. She lives in us.  


You make your choices. It is your choice what you believe, how you think, and how you use your life. 

Listen to your Luminous Energy Field. 
Listen to yourself.
You are a goddess.

If we blindly look to others to tell us how to conduct ourselves, how will we ever learn to simply BE OURSELVES? Remember that this is your ship, and you get to drive it into your destiny.

You become fearless when you no longer listen to the fear-based beliefs that shadow your mind. Making small but consistent choices to follow your inner goddess can only lead you to freedom.

So here are your 5 action steps you can take TODAY to increase ease and start living your destiny.


1. Create a sanctuary for yourself. 

This can be as simple as using your bedroom to be a dedicated quiet space. Add to the space what feeds your soul. You can have invocations, oracle cards, audio books and lectures by the greats. (I like Inspiration by Wayne Dyer, Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss, A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson, Polishing the Mirror by Ram Dass, to name a few.) Bring in flowers, oils, incense, sage, mediation cushions, and your journal with the most perfect pen. (I love the gel pens. ;) ) Collect all the tools you love so much in one perfect quiet space for your personal daily commune with the divine.

BONUS! Using 1 drop of the Essential Oil "Bergamot" on the acupuncture point Shen-Men, 'The Gate of Heaven' creates a portal to reset and refocus. Wanna learn more? Scroll down to the QUICK TIP !


Using 1 drop of the Essential Oil "Bergamot" on the acupuncture point Shen-Men, 'The Gate of Heaven' creates a portal to reset and refocus.

Wanna learn more? Scroll down to the QUICK TIP !

If you’d like to create a ritual for yourself, you can swipe mine. Currently, I supercharge my system with the Invocation "Spirit Rap" by Astarius. Then I invoke my I AM mountain of force with "I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation" by Dr. Wayne Dyer and James Twyman. I follow this by pulling a card or 3 from the Isis Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.





2. Follow The Four Agreements.

'Nuf Said. (If you haven’t done it already, read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.)


The Magic of WATER. The late, great Medicine Woman, Ona Sachs, posed the question "Are you a grape or a raisin?" A raisin is in need. A raisin will take from around itself to fill it's needs, both energetically and psychically. According to Pleiadian wisdom in the revolutionary book "Conversations with Laarkmaa" by Pia Smith Orleane, Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith, water is the element that connects us to both our planet and to each other. "Listening to the earth and listening to each other, is listening to water." When we are in need of water, our LEF will take in from around us. If the energy it is "drinking" in is not of the highest vibration, your system will need to process it. Our intuition needs clear internal water and energy to navigate well in the world. Breathe a blessing of gratitude and love into your water when you drink. Your power will be intensified and your systems will be ready for all your journey's twists and turns. Be the grape. Bless, drink and be full.

4. Become a scholar of your own journey.

Write, paint, dance, contemplate. Study and notice the patterns. You will begin to understand how your unconscious behaviors are being run by your unconscious beliefs. Sit back and witness. When you find a behavior that needs a kick to the curb, inquire deeper into your beliefs that support the behavior. Understanding why we do something gives us the keys to the kingdom. Explore with a heart and mind of curiosity for your own inner-workings. Be gentle and kind to what you find while choosing new beliefs to support behaviors of higher vibration. It's the ultimate in 'people watching' and creative process.

5. Sleep consciously.

Create a sleep space that is conducive to—wait for it—SLEEP! Your space should be quiet, dark, and peaceful. (All restful elements.) When you enter your sleep space, have reverence for the opportunity to rest in peace. So many sleep without comfort. Give your respect and gratitude to all that goes into your peaceful rest experience. 

My current favorite sleep props include an Earthing pillowcase, Mugwort sachet under my pillow, and a little Herkimer diamond, which allows your HUN (the part of your spirit that, according to 5 element Chinese theory, leaves your body during sleep) to elevate and soar!

When you first climb into bed, use pillows to support your body so that it may release and be held.Take a couple of moments to scan your system to make a conscious choice to release to surrender to the divine. Give your body permission to follow suit. 

Place an intention to rest deeply while receiving all information, gifts, resources, and healing needed to rise with the sun as a fearless warrior spirit. One who is prepared to hold life's challenges with reverence and the deep internal knowing that your greatest destiny is in your hands.


Essential Oil Bergamot by Snow Lotus Aromatherapy
Citrus bergamia

Bergamot is one of those essential oils that we should never be without. 1 drop shared between your pointer fingers and placed gently, holding not pushing, on the acupuncture point “SHEN-MEN” has miraculous short and long term benefits.

Accessing “The Gate of Heaven” with this mood stabilizing powerhouse also creates a smooth landing for both your mind and emotions to land, rest, and reboot. Calming the ever incessant chatter of a mind operating at mock speed, and hitting the pause button on the waves of emotions crashing upon your hearts shores, Bergamot is a ancient healer for modern times. 

Just 1 small drop 2-3 times a day can relieve tension, release facial holding patterns, and create optimism! 

Information taken from “Clinical Aromatherapy” by Peter Holmes
Caution! Bergamot is strongly photosensitizing. Avoid exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light for up to 24 hours after use.