Do your Boundaries need a serious overhaul? Lessons from the Golden Retriever.

by Erika Graiff

What would you say if I asked you 'Are you a golden retriever'?

How about 'Are you one of the most kind natured, giving people you know'? How does this question sit with you? 'Do you find how you can be of service to others shortly after meeting them without being stopping to ask yourself WHY you need to give'?

Or maybe you're beyond that, no longer wishing someone would just understand that all you are is love down deep but still feeling unfulfilled and under valued? Early on in your life could you never understanding why someone wouldn't want to be your friend, fall in love, and merge into infinite bliss? Often times, especially in family situations in our adulthood, we are left wondering why we don't receive respect for our merits, expressions of sincere kindness, welcoming, and support?

Adult empaths, which are usually people who have endured some sort of early life trauma, more than likely have the either Magical, Divine, or Nature expression of the Child Archetype. As Caroline Myss will remind us, we all have a Child Archetype as a member of the survival family, to include the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. This group of energy signatures creates the 4 legs or foundational to which the other Archetypes, i.e. expressions of personal power operate within you.

If there is an event that ‘rocks your foundation’ then you know that it is your Survival Archetypes that are activated and creating stability at all costs.

You see this pattern expressed in a multitude of ways. One such insidious dynamic that is birthed and perpetuated out of religious dogma and societal expectation for women to be perfect, i.e. virginal, and at the same time servant, i.e. objectified. The polar opposites of these expectations send young and other women alike, into a tizzy to ‘be anything you want to be’. YUCK. How can she be all SHE wants to be if she is too busy upholding the expectations of EVERYONE around her? This is where our beautiful Child Archetype becomes swallowed whole into a chronic need to create safety, never able to feel security to express her true self. What does we need? Boundaries. Period.