How I Found My Breath and the Secret to Finding Yours

Have you ever been told you don't breathe? Well... of course you do but, Do you breathe well? Some of us try but never feel able to get a good cleansing breath. Sad to say, I was one of them. Let me tell you about the story of how I met my best friend, my breath, and you will never believe WHERE I found it.  For a long time I lived feeling only semi fulfilled and hardly centered. I really didn't know who I was and most of the time felt unstable. I couldn't trust my emotions. Time went on, I created more drama in my life, and felt pretty shitty about myself. Then something miraculous happened. I realized that even though I was intuitive and had the ability to see, feel, and change energy, I couldn't use it! I realized I had to learn to control the energy inside of me first, and this is when my life started to change..

"How do you control the energy?" you ask. It's simple. No really simple.  It's so simple that once I tell you, you might not believe me until you try it..


I realized that the breath is HOW energy enters and exits the body. YOUR BREATH IS YOUR ENERGY. IT IS YOUR MOST POWERFUL ALLY, or as I say, your best friend. Once we allow ourselves to use the breathe properly, we will never feel unstable again. By now you know I share this advice with you because I want my wisdom to be your resource.  I want you to have the very best life experience you could possibly have. I want to help you raise your ambitions higher that you have ever thought possible and discover the POWERFUL HEALED WOMEN INSIDE. I am here to support you to become YOUR BEST SELF. Using your breath is a great place to start and I am excited to share my secret method but if you are serious about working through your past and tapping into your power then consider finding out what part of Becoming Luminous Women you need more of and take action. Book your Private Sessions, Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter, prepare to enroll in the Energy Purification Program, and share what you love with others who you know will love it to. Do what is best for your highest good. It is my honor to help along the way. That said, Are you ready to breath better then you have in a long time? Get prepared to be amazed!

1. You need to do what I call "manage the environment". Turn the phone on silent, turn off the TV, and (if your house is anything like mine) find a secret hiding spot for yourself to disconnect for just a couple minuets. 

2. Now, "manage your comfort". Sit with pillows propping you up in all the right places. It is important that your whole body feel open, supported, and nurtured. I tend to sit on the floor in "chris cross apple sauce" or half lotus for us yogi's with a blanket or pillow raising my sits bones off the floor about 2-3 inches. You may chose to lie down or sit on a chair. Do what you need to be a comfortable as you can be. 

3. "Manage you body". Here you need to make sure that all the channels are open so your breath can run free. Sitting tall, opening your chest, shoulders back and down, chin level, spine comfortably strait. You might need to tweak things here a bit to get it right for your body. Now pay attention to your pelvis. You can do what is called "pelvic rocking" to align your "pelvic bowl. This is done by moving your tailbone forward, like scooping it toward your belly button, and back to level the pelvis. Think of it as a bowl of water. Make it level and it will not spill. Take some time here to make friends with your pelvis and align her so you are totally comfortable and totally open. 

4. Blow your nose. Really. Get anything that would obstruct your breath out of the way. If this is a problem, be sure to consult with me.. I can help, no really.. I can. Ok, back to breathing. Now, you have set the stage for your best breath to happen. Step 5 is the hardest and most important step. When your ready, read on.

5. LET GO. Your breath knows what to do and where to go. You need to get out of the way and let it fill you. Scan your body from your head to your toes and as you move down, release any tension or holding. Once you get to your diaphragm and while a breath is coming in, pop your belly out softly. Allow the breath to travel deeper. On the next breath allow the ribs to soften, then the navel and eventually your hips and pelvis. You allow the breath to travel down deeper within your body with every breath. Once you get very deep and very low you have to do the one last thing that most people never do.. 

6. Ok Ladies! This is My Top Secret Step!  If practiced regularly my method will ground, center, and stabilize you everyday. Ready for it? BREATHE INTO YOUR VAGINAL AREA. I SWEAR! Allow the breath to travel so deep that your vaginal and anal area actually feel like they are relaxing and opening. This I call the "sweet spot". Pun TOTALLY INTENDED! Once you have found it you will know. Your whole body begins to relax and breathe. With regular practice you will find yourself doing this all the time. It will help you become more centered, balanced, and start to grow roots. Wanna know HOW TO GROW ROOTS? Watch for a blog post entitled "How and Why Grounding is as Important as Breathing". If you still have trouble with making friends with your breath even after trying my method consider Private Sessions as the perfect remedy. I will have you breathing a sigh of relief. In no time. Remember, all private sessions can be done via Skype, Phone, or in person. Anyone, Anywhere. 

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Posted on March 29, 2013 .