Do your Boundaries need a serious overhaul? Lessons from the Golden Retriever.

Adult empaths, which are usually people who have endured some sort of early life trauma, more than likely have the either Magical, Divine, or Nature expression of the Child Archetype. As Caroline Myss will remind us, we all have a Child Archetype as a member of the survival family, to include the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. This group of energy signatures creates the 4 legs or foundational to which the other Archetypes, i.e. expressions of personal power operate within you.

5 Habits to Resurrect Your Inner Goddess & Break the Cycle of Powerlessness

Generations of women have been taught that listening to others will make us safe, secure, and significant. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is as potent and venomous in modern media as it was in medieval religious culture, and it continues to drain creation of its divine feminine potential.

We need to adopt 3 beliefs that are building blocks to the empowered soul: safety in our own strength, security in our own minds, and significance in our own hearts.

What is Shamanic Life Coaching Anyway??

Shamanic Life Coaching is a methodology unique to it’s own.


Shamanic Life Coaching is a way of supporting and guiding a woman into the challenges placed in front of her, moving through to the other side, focused on gaining wisdom, resources, gifts, and most of all a calibration pointed toward the truth and wisdom of her most enlightened self. Focused on deep emotional healing and increasing emotional and spiritual intelligence.