What the HECK is Shamanic Life Coaching Anyway??


Shamanic Life Coaching is a methodology unique to it’s own.


Shamanic Life Coaching is a way of supporting and guiding a woman into the challenges placed in front of her, moving through to the other side, focused on gaining wisdom, resources, gifts, and most of all a calibration pointed toward the truth and wisdom of her most enlightened self. Focused on deep emotional healing and increasing emotional and spiritual intelligence.


Who is Shamanic Life Coaching For?

There are particular life experiences that Shamanic Life Coaching can be best of service.


Life forming events in the natural transitions

of a woman’s journey to include:

  • Readiness to Release your Most Heavy Burdens

  • Willingness to Your Most Joyous, Wise Self

  • Choosing to Take a Life Partner/ Marriage

  • Change of Career/ Life Path

  • Defining Her Life Purpose

  • Developing Her Greatest Gifts and Creative Power

  • Learning/Increasing Self Love

  • Decreasing Self Deprecation (Always being ‘too hard’ on yourself)

  • Becoming a Mother

  • Becoming a Grandmother or Mother of Adult Children

  • Midlife Awakening to Contribute to Humanity

Shamanic Life Coaching addresses challenges usually marked by

an internal struggle symptomatic of periodic:

  • Depression

  • Stuck-ness

  • Exhaustion

  • Inability to Surrender to Change

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Frustration

  • Inability to Feel Safe, Secure, and Significant in Life

Shamanic Life Coaching can also be significantly

supportive as a guide in:


  • Loss of a Parent or Partner and the Grieving Process

  • Divorce

  • Life Changing Illness

  • Caregiving for an Ill Parent or Partner

  • Healing Past Trauma

  • Releasing a Lifelong Victim Mentality/ Target



As a women, we are called to be many things at many times of our lives.

Some of which come with ease, others not so much.

Shamanic Life Coaching begins with an application and assessment (you will have a chance to complete at the bottom). This gives us an in depth understanding of your emotional state, foundation, needs, and concerns. Here we follow issues to the heart of the source, separating the truth from the lies/limiting beliefs we carry, freeing up space to receive your most valuable truth.


Utilizing modalities such as Shamanic Journey, Aroma Acu-point Therapy, and Archetypal Guidance,

(just to name a small fraction) we untangle the knots of lifelong struggles,

disempowering behaviors, shadow tendencies, and collective/familial karmic patterns,  

we achieve clarity around what you need to DO, and HOW you need to do it.


Coaching guides deliberate, love centric action,

empowering you to choose the life you wish to have and HOW to align with it daily.


Erika offers complimentary

Shamanic Life Coaching sessions

to all new clients who would like a fresh start in life,

and a chance to awaken their

most profound selves.

Erika Graiff has created this practice out of years of study under some of the most powerful healers of our time, personal experience through a Tao centered life, and supporting others for years through their own life forming, journey to wholeness. Erika utilizes a multitude of skills, resources, and tools, as a Master Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Aroma Acu-point Therapist, Archetype Consultant, 5 Element Chinese Theory Enthusiast, Medicine Women, Soul Midwife, Jaguar and Earth Keeper, as well as being a Wife, Mother, Bee Keeper, (and running nut) to bring about transformation in every Shamanic Life Coaching session.
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Feeling Crazy? It Could Be Your Shadow Self

Whether the term Shadow Self is new to you or old hat, please know that it is working big time in your life right here, right now. As I pointed out in last week's blog, we are smack dab in the middle of 2013. The great time of accelerated change and trasformation is kicking in to high gear. For us to really become even more present with what is happening right now, we need to understand where we are coming from and where we are going. 

Each one of us has now been given the opportunity to use this time to attain our highest soul's potential. According to Sabrina Reber in her life raft of a workbook called, "How to Raise Your Vibration" : "This is a personal choice where we choose through our own free will to no longer experience the negativity of 3rd dimensional darkness and choose to transform the density of our being into a light being where we put on our garments of light ascending into the higher vibrations of full consciousness, unity consciousness, unconditional love, peace, joy, harmony, spiritual abundance, health and healing."


Posted on June 14, 2013 .

Feel Like Crap? You're Not Alone...

Well, for the last 10 days or so, there has been a great amount of energy being pushed into our Luminous Energy Fields.. If you have felt dizzy, woozy, nauseous, emotional, and an overall sense of being irritable, then you are not alone. Of course, if your cycle is coinciding with this time, this could be heightened for you, but it is not you, not all you... This wonderful gift from the universe is here in the middle of our 2013 experience to help push our imbalance into balance. 

To create balance, it is necessary to surrender and embrace the imbalance. This act, although nothing close to simple, is the key to welcoming the energy that will bring you to balance. Imagine in your mind's-eye a Yin/Yang symbol. Notice the motion of each side is directed toward the other. Each separately pushing it's energy to constantly create a state of homeostasis. They are not opposing forces; rather they hold complimentary energy in which one can not exist without the other.


Posted on June 7, 2013 .

Don't Have Enough Time? Einstein Disagrees...

On the heels of last week's budding love affair with Einstein, this week's blog finds me deeply interested  in the idea of making time.

In Gay Hendrick's book, "The Big Leap", the idea of "Einstein Time" is made understandable and usable in real life. This week I have been exploring the practice of "making time" as the author suggests stating "we are where time comes from". This idea is not foreign to me, as I have been working in the shamanic realm for some time now and have become a friend to timelessness. 

I bring this idea to you today to assist you in the "I don't have enough time" problem from which most of us seem to suffer from time to time, pun totally intended.  When our busy modern lives seem to take on their own pace, we can being to feel like we are chasing behind just trying to keep up. This is where a new mindset and understanding can create incredible change in your life. 

The next time you say to yourself "I'm running late" or, "I don't have enough time," choose to change your mode of perception. Create an intention of staying centered and grounded that is non-negotiable in your life, and refuse to rush. In this instant you are brought to the present moment and the door to time mastery. In keeping with this mode you allow yourself to be the maker of time rather then the chaser, which puts you in the driver's seat of your life. 

Posted on May 30, 2013 .

The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer

“The most important question a person can ask is, "Is the Universe a friendly place?” ― Albert Einstein

This is also the most important question you will ever answer. Why? Let's discuss the implications of answering this question.

if you answer no, then...

  • Everyone and everything you ever encounter will be with hesitation and fear
  • You will never enjoy the freedom of living out of safety and security
  • The full expression of your being will never be expressed
  • Your ultimate potential will hide away, robbing the world of your gifts and love
  • An existence of distrust, disconnection, and destruction of whatever you try to build 

I have lived my first 30 years like this experiencing the life that mistrust will breed. As a child, I unconsciously decided my world was unfriendly. This is a invaluable and common survival mechanism employed by children effected with traumatic circumstances. Although essential in childhood, my adult life couldn't thrive with fear as the guiding force. To many of us live an entire lifetime without answering this question as rational adults. We get stuck from the beginning and stay stuck without ever knowing why or how to remedy it. This is not what I want for you my dear love. Let's see what a change in the answer will give you.

Posted on May 23, 2013 .