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As a Guide to the Healers and Women of Service, I stand on behalf of all Women Warriors: souls like you, ready to heed their internal call toward self-actualization and unity consciousness. I’ll show you how to walk in the path of the Wounded Healer/Healer, an Archetypal force of heaven who stands fully empowered in her own light by the grace of the universe and the humility of the wise soul. 

This path is your way to manifest your highest self here on earth—the way for your greatest gifts to glow.

When you are confronted with the pain of a past or present challenge—from the frustration of feeling stuck to the chaos of death or divorce—you can actually use this experience to affirm and inspire your life purpose.

Healing gives you the chance to walk on hallowed ground. It’s a path to be cherished and honored, and it leads you to your deepest truth. To be a healer means you walk both the lives of the needing to be healed and ability to channel healing for others. It is the greatest way to learn detached compassion. 

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have the healer archetype and are walking the healers path. Choosing to allow me the honor of walking beside you as your guide, you are essentially becoming a Luminous Warrior, one who brings light and courageous-ness to her healer path, you’ll gain more integrity, self-love, confidence, and power than you ever thought possible. And when you encounter the next life-affirming challenge, you’ll face it with grace, dignity, and wisdom.
— Erika Graiff

My teacher, the celebrated shaman Linda Fitch, once gave me the words "self-referencing" as a compass to navigate my own development. These words offered me a place to trust myself in listening to my own internal guidance.

Though I am a long-time scholar of consciousness elevation—my mentor’s words were the ones that changed my life.

Linda’s simple instruction helped me discover my direct channel to Divine Guidance, which I commune with to offer my clients spiritual healing and growth. I also use gentle humor, lovingly direct guidance, and the heart and spirit of my own Athlete Archetype to encourage transformation.

My sessions and programs incorporate multiple modalities of energetic medicine and philosophy, including:

Life Coaching. Lead by some of the master coaches in the industry, we use various techniques to get clearity, uncover your limits, and blow past them with the power of questions, intensions, accountability, and goals. 

Moon Medicine. Using the power of our moon cycles to align with our feminine body rhythms, learning to utilize each phases greatest wisdom and power, we transform our lives with the power of ancient feminine wisdom and divine timing. 

Sisterhood Medicine. Awakening to our inner sister power, catalyzing a healing and a reconnection to the global sisterhood, while remembering how to listen without judgement and respond with compassion. 

Mother Earth Medicine. Giving our physical bodies the energetic reconnection to our earth source allowing great mothers nurturing, protection, empowerment, and initiation. Automatically offering a healing the Sacred Masculine. 

Peruvian Shamanic Healing. These tools allow us to untie karmic and ancestral knots, which creates an opening into which the universe can flow. It allows light and blessings to pour into our lifetimes.

Archetype Consulting. By working with your spiritual archetypes and contracts, you’ll receive the flexibility to release old fear based patterns, decisions, and beliefs.

Aroma Acu-Point Therapy. A newer, more advanced modality, this therapy creates deep shifts through a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and well-sourced Organic Essential Oils from Snow Lotus Aromatherapy. Together, they create a dynamic dance of freedom and healing beyond measure.

5 Element Chinese Medicine. These keys allow you to maximize your fulfillment as a living being in the present moment. They harmonize your body with the elements, seasons, and moons.

The Women's Wheel of Life. This tool connects you the larger truth and cycle of your time on earth. Women like us are sustained by the wisdom we draw from knowing where we are in life.

Empowerment Coaching. This combination of life and spiritual coaching gives you actionable guidance for your real life situations, so you can respond from an elevated perspective as issues arise.

I believe that we were born to walk this path together.

I believe that every woman is a wellspring of deep wisdom and internal truth.

I believe that your bravery enables me to stand as a beacon of higher consciousness.

I believe that when we connect, you enter a reciprocal relationship with the Divine.

You commune with your divine self and your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional bodies.

You come to life in the sacred company of every woman there ever was and ever will be.

“The world will be saved by the western woman”
— The Dalai Lama- Vancouver Peace Summit 2009