“Erika Graiff is a warrior guide with the medicine of laughter and fearlessness. Her spirit is so bright, her intent is so pure and her words pierce through the layers that hide our pure nature..  

If you are a woman, ready to boldly go where you have never gone within yourself, Erika can hold the space for you to unwind, discover and laugh from your soul.”

— Summer Quashie, Yogi, Sister, Director-Yoga Peace Kula, & Love Embodied

Work With Me

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are here to heal, to become your unique self; whole and ‘Luminous’, choosing to shine by your own light. 

My job is to support and guide you in reclaiming self-love, self-compassion, and the personal power waiting for you. You are a gift in this world which I help you embody, manifesting your dreams along the way.

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About Erika

Huddled in a tent atop of Holy Mount Salkantay in the Andean Mountains of Peru, I clutched my sleeping bag to my chin, terrified by the nine inches of snow burying our temporary camp. I’d climbed these heights in pursuit of my completed mesa, a portable altar of special healing stones that would help me realize my advancement as a Shamanic practitioner. But a storm had made all passage up or down impossible. We were trapped at 15,000 feet...

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Erika guides women to the truth that was always there and always will be. In this life we drink from the river of forgetfulness, Erika guides you back into remembering.

— Leslie Theyn, MSW Spiritual Psychotherapist, Client, Sister, & Super Nova
I am here to raise your ambitions & the sacred feminine.
— Erika Graiff, Founder- Becoming Luminous Women